Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

This was fifteen. I did wear that shirt yesterday, but this picture was taken on my birthday last year.
And this is sixteen. Well, almost. This picture is from a week and a half ago. My camera is broken, so that's the most recent picture I have. I'm wearing my Career Plans shirt because I think it's ironic.
I've had a pretty epicly awesome birthday. I drove today. I drove alone and I didn't kill anyone. If today didn't involve driving and being my birthday and being really freeking awesome, it would have sort of sucked. I forgot my pants, then I forgot my Econ homework, then my phone rang in Econ, then I cut through a worm intestine, then I tripped onstage. But since I was really crazy hyper, it was all good.

Big huge exciting changes since last year
I realized that I don't need a plan for my future. It will happen. It will all be okay.
I wrote a novel that I would not be hugely embarassed to show other people.
I met two of my idols.
I made friends with some people I met on the internets. And I didn't make a video this week (I am so sorry!)
I got better at Quiz Bowl.
I realized that I have a lot of room for improvement in terms of debate and writing.
I took English. That was quite the experiance.
I realized that the vast majority of careers that I know of would be either painful or hilarious. For instance, teacher=hilarious. Nurse=painful. Engineer=painful.
My real calling is to be a car identifier. I'll scream out if I see a Mini Cooper or a Mustang or a Camaro or a Corvette. The first Mini I ever saw while I was driving alone was grey with black stripes. I saw a yellow one with black stripes while I was driving with my brother.
I realized that I don't hate it here. I could probably handle living here for the next five years.
I realized how hilariously awesome it would be to take over the world.
I realized how much I need to go on a road trip with my friends. Canada, here we come!
I decided what I like, what I can do. And I'm gonna do it.

4 Fab Fans:

Andrea said...

Very positive. Good luck with all that. Canada will be AWESOME. It will happen. It will.

LittleTree said...

Happy Birthday Sam. Somehow I did not know it was your B day yesterday. sorry. It was good to see you today. Have lots of fun, and do not text and drive . . . Peace

Bianka Rose said...

"Bianka Rose likes this"
I like the things you're "realized"-they're all very true.
Happy [belated] Birthday!

Samantha said...

Does anyone know if you can get *paid* as a car identifier?