Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Check this out. You know you want to. Thanks for showing me this Mr.W!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Sick day. No debate.

School. Homework.

Lock-in. Sleep in elevator. Write on pants. Haunted cornmaze. Sleep.

Babysit. Sleep.

Church. Be manipulated for propaganda purposes. Sunday school. Dance.

Makeup on brother. Pretend to do homework.

Eat dinner with family. Watch TV.

Actually do homework.

Realize there's two days left 'till nanowrimo and you have a title and three names: Priceless.

There's some things money can't buy, but for everything else, there's Froomlacard.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Monday, October 22, 2007

What we may have known all along. Or not.

So, I'm assuming that you all heard about Dumbledore coming out on Friday. I think it would have been interesting to hear more about him being gay in the books, a lot of people (including myself) have had a hunch all along that he might be, but obviously no one knew 'till now. It really doesn't change how I view him. I think everyone still loves the eccentric headmaster. There was always the question of "Is Dumbledore Harry's grandfather?" And "Did Dumbledore ever get married?" I guess we have our answears now! I wonder how much Dumbledore/Grindelwald fanfiction there will be. It wouldn't be too hard, because we know almost nothing about Gridelwald's personality, and we know very little about them the summer that they were seventeen. It would make an interesting flashback type story. You know, sixth book, Dumbledore and Harry having lessons, Harry says something about the horocruxes, Dumbledore remembers that summer. I may actually have to try my hand at fanfiction, just because of this plot. This is mine, and if you steal it, let's just say you'll have me to deal with. *Insert scary Peter noises here*

This would be the illustration for my story, in case you were wondering. You know, the memories. You can see it in his eyes.

It's my story!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


gURL.comI took the "handwriting personality" quiz ongURL.com
my handwriting style is...
jocular jotter

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What does your handwriting say about you?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Freedom!

It's FRIDAY! I'm writing this from Graphic Arts Tech, where we have flexible Fridays. This Friday soooo does not mean freedom. After school gets out, I have to go to the media center to email something home, since all the computers in graphic arts are on a seperate network than the rest of the school. Then, I get to head over to the real (public) library (my home), where I am so privleged to be able to work on my presentation on 16th century religion. Then, I will probably catch the late bus home (Genius self forgot to get to the late bus on time yesterday. Genius self is maybe not so genius.) where I will be intensly interested in all of the assignments that I slacked off on earlier in the semester. Or not. It's really up to my imagination. I am severly pissed off at history teacher. The beginning of the year was far too simple, everything we were learning, I already knew. Now, her solution is to test us on things that we never learned. Ever. GRRRR. I keep asking tons of questions that I know the answear to, just because I can tell that the rest of hte class is dead, and I feel the need to disrupt things and point out the obvious. Because I can. Heheh.
Bye, I'm going off to browse the NaNoWriMo forums.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I just forgot about something that I really need to do. I think I may have just lost my job.

I seem to be forgetting a lot of things lately. Maybe I'm going all the-mother-in-godless-like, and diagnosing myself with early onset alzheimer's. Maybe it's REALLY EARLY ONSET.
^Pay no attention to the dorkling pretending to be me.
Creative writing club is tomorrow. I'm unreasonably excited, and I'm not positive I'm even going.
This would definetly fall under the mini-rant category.


I've been thinking about my NaNo, and my writing in general. I don't know if I've mentioned it in the blog, but I'm maybe not the most fabulous writer on the face of the Earth. I've got the C in English to prove it. I don't know why I even like writing, other than there's a lot of stuff that needs to get out of my head and nowhere to put it other than on the page. I think that some of this "I'm so terrible at writing" thing comes from the fact that I tend to be borderline. Last year, in eighth grade, I took Algebra 1. It was really hard, especially becauase it was taught a lot faster than it is at the Hi! School. This year I'm taking Honors Geometry (yes, Honors. I have issues) even though I was going to take Geometry instead.
My English teacher last year wanted me to be in regular English in place of the Honors English that I'm taking now. She said that I could handle the work, but didn't seem interested. She is wrong. I am totally interested, I love the class, but it's so hard! My lexile score is 1245, and most people in Honors have at least 1000. That means that I should be good at this, right? Right?????

"The first draft of anything is shit." - Ernest Hemingway

"When you're going through hell, keep going." ~Albert Einstein

The good news of this post is that the only place to go now is up.

The End.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


At the pep rally, the administration said that anyone saying derogatory things about other classes would be suspended. There was no "freshmen go home"

Yeah, I'm a Slacker, and your Point is....

I haven't written in nine days. That feels like forever in blogland. There has been very little knitting happening lately. I've begun swatching for the Endpaper Legwarmers, and I've learnt that fair isle is hard. Very hard, at least for me. I got about six skeins of a chunky red wool/acrylic mix at knitting group on Monday, and they're destined to become a buttony sweater, if I have enough. There was also some soft and shiny blue and green yarn, the stuff I'm using for the legwarmers.
I've been spending an obscene amount of time on the Nanowrimo forums, yet I don't feel as addicted to Ravelry as everyone else is. Maybe it's just what I'm currently super hyped about (NaNo) verses what is currently taking the back burner (knitting.)

I really want my knitting mojo back.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Nothing New. If you like SHINY things, bypass this post.

There is nothing new or exciting going on in my life, so why not talk about history? There's an astonishing amount of review going on in history class right now. We read a play about Elizabeth Blackwell today, and we heard about her last May. Not new or shiny. Pathetic.
Note:I actually think that Elizabeth Blackwell was a pretty cool person and that she made a major difference in the fight for equality. I just don't feel the need to spend one whole day (which would be two if we had a normal schedule) reading a stupid play about her.

I honestly cannot think of one thing new that I've learned this sixth-mester (no, english teacher (if you're reading this)I do not think that that is a word.), which is pathetic, considering we're one third of the way through what would be learned in a year. This class is supposed to be teaching from the end of reconstruction to the present. We are currently at the very beginning of the twentieth century! Reconstruction ended in the 1870's, and the current year is 2007, so that's 137 years to study this semester. 137/3=almost 36 years. We should have made our way through 36 years by now, and we've probably done 30. Leave some time for things like wars, and we're going to be at the year 1951 by the end of the semester (if I've done the math right. Math is not my strong point. At all.)

English Teacher just came in and talked to the graphic arts teachers. She saw the blog in the making. And talked about how I wrote "blah blah blah" in my To Kill a Mockingbird annotating notebook. And about free hugs buttons. And probably about how it is wrong and immoral to start sentances with "and".

We're going to the pep rally next. Pep. I am the anti-pep (sometimes). I don't do pep. Apparently when everyone else is yelling "freshmen go home", some freshmen are actually planning on leaving, like they did last year. I don't really see the point in us leaving early, because nobody can drive or anything. Last year they just stood around in the parking lot, which makes no sense. Whatever. Blogging will cease until after school.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Crawling to the Finish Line

As my computer is highly uncooperative with my camera, we're going to pretend that the pictures I post are pictures of an almost finished bag.

The above is the (terribly rocky) beach at Sleeping Bear Dunes. The lake is Lake Michigan, btw.
This is an (extremely fuzzy)picture of what my surroundings looked like while reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Nothing beats reading the final Harry Potter book in the cupbord under the stairs. Nothing.