Monday, October 27, 2008


Is five days away.
Say it with me

That was intelligent.

Friday, October 24, 2008

20 Things.

I'm not going to tell you if you are one. Deal with it. I'm not going to write any comments on this note Enjoy.

1.I love you.
2.Shut the fuck up.
3.Stop being so weird.
4.Can we be friends or something? 'Cause I think you're really awesome and you don't even know who I am.
5.Stop being such a slacker, asshole.
6.I want to have a three and a half hour conversation with you.
7.I hate this, but I would give so much to look like you.
8.I finally feel like I've succeeded at something that I'm not naturally good at. Congratulate me.
9.I am lying to you. I never act like that normally.
10.You're awesome.
11.I like thinking about stuff like that. I like blogging about it. Apparently I'm the only one who does so.
12.You kind of freak me out.
13.I want to be you if I grow up.
14.I'm scared I'll be you if I grow up.
15.I'm a weirdo.
16.How can you stand to be so damn shallow?
17.Hah...You are probably my favourite person at church.
18.I'm the stupid kid. I know.
19.Well. We just drifted apart.
20.What's up?

Friday, October 10, 2008


First order of business: My same-sex civil unions bill passed unanimously in class today, which made me very very happy. I was a little bit sad that no one got mad at me though. I love pissing people off with politics. The creepy thing was that I got home from school, checked USA Today because I loves them a lot. There was something about how Vladamir Putin got a baby tiger for his birthday, and then saw this. Freaky, eh? I like to think I had some sort of input on this.
The real topic: NaNoWriMo. I'm actually really excited about NaNo this year. My plot seems way better this year, and I actually have an outline. Super awesome, right? It's sort of like Tuck Everlasting in High School and breaking into abandoned buildings. I need to break into an abandoned building sometime. Wanna come?
Paper Towns? Well, THE LIBRARY HAD IT. And then I tried to check it out and someone else had a hold on it *dies inside*. Then I went to Borders and tried to get it, but it's still in transit. How sad is that?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Optimist? Pessimist? Paper Townsist? Obamist?

Do you consider yourself an optimist or a realist or a pessimist? We've been talking about philosophers in AP Euro and this one guy was talking about the reasons that people have to invade and make peace and such. It seemed pretty applicable to today's society even though it was from the 1600's. Is that one of the universal human truths or something?
Also, Paper Towns isn't supposed to come out until the 16th, but some people have it already?!?! Why didn't anyone tell me this? I need it nowww! I am so confused. Must go to Borders tomorrow. Maybe I can persuade my mom to take me when she gets home. I think it closes I should be able to. I hope.
I made a video about the debates last night. They weren't nearly as funny as the vice presidential ones though. Tragic, right?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who needs a title?

I went to church today. I thought there was Sunday school, but then I forgot that it was the first Sunday of the month, so there wasn't. Which meant that when i was done realizing that it wasn't happening and talking to people about it, I went and sat down in church with my mom and grandpa. The sermon was something about giving time and money, that's what this part of the year is all about. It was about being rich in relationships and experiences rather than stuff and money, I think. There was something in the bulletin about the Nooma video series and how people need real faith more than they need to dress up and go to church on Sunday.
And then it struck me.
This is so full of bullshit. No one needs this crap. No one in that sanctuary was being themselves. That sermon wasn't helping anyone.
None of us need to hear it, we need to do it. We don't want to have religion, we want to have faith. My church isn't giving anyone faith. My church gives religion and youth group and a sermon and cookies when it's over. It's just so fake. There's so much that isn't meaningfull or personal, you expect church to be the exemption. That's how church is supposed to be. It's supposed to be about God and about loving people. It just seems like religion is used for making money and starting wars. It's not helping anyone.
God doesn't care if you go to church. God doesn't care what religion you are. God doesn't even care if you spend all day writing children's books about killing him. If your God can be killed by a children's book, that's not a very big God.
It's not about the little stuff. What matters? What matters is how hard you tried to help the world around you.
Good night.