Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to make Bianka angry

Hey! I'm blogging from school and I don't have a whole lot of time, but I just had to tell y'all something.
I finished An Abundance of Katherines today! During Geometry!
Now, Bianka and Andrea would be very angry if they knew that I had been reading An Abundance of Katherines instead of, say, A Midsummer Night's Dream.
I don't have AMND in book form, so I reall *had* to read AAOK today.
It's amazing. Go read it now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Books!!!!

Have you ever read one of Natasha Friend's books? They're pretty good. I read her new one, Bounce, yesterday. It's about this girl whose mother dies and then her father gets remarried and makes her move. Her other books are Perfect and Lush. Perfect is about this girl who's bullimic and lush is about this girl whose dad is an alchoholic. Here's the one complaint I have. All of her main characters are like 13 years old, but they just don't seem 13. Yeah, 13 was awkward. She gets the awkward all right. Her characters just don't seem to understand and react to things the way 13 year olds do. I would probably react the same way, and I'm 15.
How does a writer make their characters seem their age? I'm just thinking about Letters to No One, and I don't know if the characters are the right ages. Huh. Any ideas?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From the morning

It's early. It's really early. I've been up since the time of: Too Early. I fell asleep in my clothes last night, and it's pretty warm, and I woke up all sweaty and gross at Too Early, and then I took a shower, then I couldn't fall back asleep, and I had science homework, and then I ended up on facebook and youtube.
Facebook, YouTube, and Ravelry are the biggest timesucks on the internet.
I never really blog early. When I do blog early, it's usually a It's-three-am-and-I'm-kind-of-weirdly-hyper moment. I'm usually writing.
I'm weirdly excited to go back to school today. I don't know, but I like something about the regularity of school. You go the same place, day after day, and you do the same thing, day after day. It's easy.

Is this the second time in a row that I've blogged about school? This is starting to get creepy.
I have to go get ready now.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well. And Bullet Points.

Dear gawd, I need some new titles. I should ponder that.
This post needs some bullet points:

  • New layout. Yes, it is fantabulous. Yes, Aimless Cupcakes/Andrea made it for me. Yes, I pretty much think it's the shiz. We hung out today and read Hamlet.
  • Hamlet. Andrea and Emaline and I had this totally ridiculous/amazing/hilarious idea. We're reading all of Shakespeare's plays this summer.
  • Except for Romeo and Juliet, because we've all read that already. And it seems like everyone in that play was born without common sense.
  • This leaves 37 plays. We're getting a head start with Hamlet now. Next is A Midsummer Night's Dream. Next is something else.
  • I'm starting to think that Shakespeare was smoking some pretty good stuff when he was writing this, because some of this is pretty...far out.
  • Emaline finished Hamlet. Before me. We're not talking about how hostile I am feeling right now.
  • Does the whole reading all of Shakespeare's plays thing in one summer make me a dork?
  • Andrea, how could I repay you for my layout? Cookies? A hilarious video?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hi! School

I think Hi! School is one of those things that you either really love or really hate. I think that most of us are clear about who really loves Hi! School. We know it's those kids, the cheerleaders, the jocks, the randomly popular people. They seem like this is the prime of their lives, like they'll never be happier. Those are the people who the rest of us not-so-secretly want to see at a Hi! School reunion when they're fat, ugly, and flipping burgers.
The kids who hate Hi! School are the ones who spend lunch in the library occasionally (or a little more than occasionally), the ones who spend all day doing something in the back of class, the ones who would give anything not to be here. Those kids are the one that I want to see end up like Bill Gates.
I wonder how we'll all feel when we graduate. Is there a line down the middle, the people who liked Hi! School automatically wish they could relive it all, sad because they're no longer in their happiest days. On the other side, the people who didn't like Hi! Schoolend up being so happy, so eger to graduate.
I don't even know why I'm thinking about this. I guess it's because it's getting to the end of the school year, and the seniors are leaving, and I just want to know what it's like. Honestly, I think I'll be scared.
Bye, I'm gonna go outline my science textbook.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We had our dance concert yesterday, and it was amazing. Seriously amazing. All of the dances went well, even the one that was so messed up.
I don't know what I like about being on stage like that. It seems to have some sort of addictive quality. It's scary, but once you're done, you want to be on stage again.
It's like crack...
I should have a semi-long blog coming semi-soon. It will probably involve the overuse of the word love. Maybe.
I'm kind of worried about my great-grandma because she just went to the hospital with a possible stroke. Praying to whatever will work, even if it's the flying spaghetti monster.
Now I'm starting on two weeks of science homework that's due tomorrow. *sigh*
I read The Pact today, and it's superfabulousamazing.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why my homework isn't done

And I think I'm in this photo:
We're not going to mention how sad this is, alright?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

John Green, I love you!

I finished Looking for Alaska yesterday, and it's on the top ten. Well, I guess it would be the top eleven or twelve now, but whatever. There's too many books that belong on the top ten for it to be limited to ten.
What I think I really liked about this book was this: It was deep, but not obviously so. The first half of the book involves Pudge, the main character, being a totall misfit. Alaska is the wild girl who lives down the hall at boarding school, and she is the one who really makes the book deep. When tragedy strikes, the only sane way to react would be to pull the best prank ever.
Yeah, that plot sounds like Harry Potter blenderized with depth and spiritual stuff. Which this book sort of is.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Titleless. But still cool.

First off, Bianka Rose is so right about this singer

Freshman/Sophomore play went pretty fabulously today. It was concluded that children today need to watch more movies involving Disney princesses. And that there is no Disney version of Rapunzel. And that none of us actually know all the words to "A Whole New World"

Yeah. We're really mature and sane.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


My schedule is messed up again. Nexte yar, I was planning on taking the following:
Algebra 2A
English 10
Civics and Econ
World History (1815 to present)
Commercial Art (<3 the teacher for this one)
Research Writing (it's really competitve speach and debate, don't worry)
French 3

We're having a problem now because everyone must take world history in their junior year. Even if you took it sophmore year.
What should I take in that spot? AP Euro? French 4? Health? Gym? Ceramics and Jewlery? GA2? Art 2? I was going to take International Relations, but apparently you have to be a junior for that one too.
I'm going to go hurt someone.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fifteen, there's still time for you

There's never a wish better than this
When you've only got 100 years to live

It's my birthday! I'm fifteen now! Is it just me, or does fifteen seem a lot older than fourteen? Maybe it's the driving thing, maybe it's the hi!school thing, maybe it's something else. I don't think fifteen looks a lot different than fourteen.
This was fourteen:
And this is fifteen:Granted, these pictures were taken less than twenty four hours apart, but they're still pretty similar. It would look the same if I changed my shirt and put a different look on my face.
Anyways, to commerate the ending of my fourteenth year here, I have fourteen things that I did in the past year.

  • I got quiet. This year I had a lot less friends in my classes, so there wasn't anyone to talk to. I'm not the best at talking to new people, so I got pretty quiet.
  • Holy shit, I wrote. I wrote at least 75,000 words on various projects. I feel acomplished.
  • I learned to fall.
  • I learned that I can have a lot of fun doing things, even if I'm no good at them. Examples: debate, writing, teen court, drama, everything else I do.
  • I got good at knitting. I like being good at something that is semi-uncommon for people my age.
  • I started blogging, and I don't know if I would have survived without it.
  • I drifted. I drifted away from friends. I don't think I'm okay with this.
  • I learned that the whole don't judge a book by it's cover thing is actually true. There are people in my dance class (you know the people, the ones who look so fake) who are more real than the people in say, debate, will ever be. It's odd.
  • A C is not the end of the world.
  • I'm a different kind of smart.
  • Failing is most of how I learn things.
  • You can play Rapunzel in a play, even if your hair is really short.
  • I don't think I'll ever be sure about what I believe. I've come to peace with that fact.
  • We, as a species, will all be gone some day. Eras end. I pointed this out in Earth Science, and I seem to be the only one who finds this reassuring.

And a bonus picture.