Friday, May 8, 2009


I went to the bank today, and they said I could open a checking account. Without my parent there. So I did. And I just have to have my mom sign a form.
Doesn't that seem like it should be against the rules?
Guess what else I'm allowed to do.
Drive. Anywhere. Like, if I really liked this building, and then I found out it was an office building, I could just drive there. I could leave the state if I wanted to, although I'm not sure why I would.
This is really weird, but I'm liking it.

2 Fab Fans:

Andrea said...

You want to leave the state so we can go to Windsor! That's also leaving the country. We've been talking about this too much NOT to do it now.

Vague Verity said...

The bank thing blew my dad's mind too, when my brother went to get a checking account (he's 14). He talked about it for days. Like "That just doesn't seem right."