Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On my mind

  • Maps. I have this idea, vintage maps either used as wallpaper or hung up on a wire system like this
  • This song. I've heard it several times today.
  • Forgiveness. That was the topic of the Nooma video in Sunday school this week, and the big idea was that when you seek revenge, you're telling God that you don't think it can do a sufficent job of getting back. This could be because God isn't going to get back at them, but... whatever. I see forgiveness not so much as letting someone else go, but letting yourself go, coming to peace with whatever they did. Just getting over it, really. It's freeing.
  • Procrastination and me. This should be obvious to you by now, but I'm a horrible procrastinator. I need to do Bio. I'm not very fond of that class. It's not that I hate it or something, I just don't care about it enough. This is the real problem.
  • I totally love these! I just thought you'd like to know.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why I love PostSecret

Friday, February 20, 2009

Answers for everyone!

AssassinsCall asked

Humanity needs, for the first time ever, a definition of "just friends" from a girl's perspective...ready? go! Just friends is pretty blurry. I've been "Just friends" with a guy who I liked but I was positive didn't like me back, so I just accepted that it wasn't going to happen. Most of the time, just friends means that there is very little chance of a relationship actually happening.
Why is the sky blue? The sky is blue because blue is in the colour that travels most easily through air. Same reason the ocean is blue. Also, magic.
What is the third section in The Communist Manifesto for? I haven't gotten to that yet. I'm at the part where the guy blames the bourgeoisie for all the problems. I get the feeling that he's a little nutty.

Luna Moon asked

Why can I never understand how to follow blogs? I'm not sure. If you go to the dashboard on blogger and scroll down a bit, there should be three brown tabs. They should be blogs I'm following, blogger buzz, and blogs of note. Click on the blogs I'm following one and look at the bottom of the box. It should have two buttons, one that says add and the other says manage. Click add and type http://froomla.blogspot.com into that box. You and your blog following should live happily ever after.
Oh, and what is the meaning of life? The meaning of life is to find a meaning. That's sort of a circular answer, but I find it to be very true.When you find your purpose, you do that for a long time and live happily ever after.

Andrea asked

When you bring up the subject of asking you questions, why do I feel the need to create the most-impossible-to-answer-question ever? Because you want to challenge me and see if I just struggle or come up with something awesome. I will come up with something awesome. That is how I roll.
Are you going to make a new layout? Probably not.

Or do you want me to make you a new one? If you'd like to, that would be pretty awesome.

How sick are you of your current layout? I like the backround, but I'm not real into the header. Maybe just change that?

Is break crippling your motivation like mine? Somewhat. I've been working on my homework, but I haven't done any of the Quiz Bowl study guides. I should be doing that.

Who do you think started the whole upward inflection at the end of a question? Someone who got pissed when they couldn't tell if people were asking them questions. They started doing it and then it just caught on so much. I wish I was that person.

If we didn't have that, then what would the warning be for a question? Nothing, which would suck.

Do we really *need* a warning for a question? I guess we do, or people would be slower in conversation, figuring out if someone was asking them a question or not... I agree. Also, people are stupid. They can't figure it out on their own, so people would never get their questions answered, and that would be very sad.

Bianka asked

why does life have to be so disappointing? but i'm going to the DIA today so that's not too disappointing... Bianka, your life is disappointing because you aren't using good grammar.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Questions, OMG

We need another question day. I have no school this week, and the things I talk about during bio (the end of humans) and euro (why would child prostitution be funny) often make good topics for blogging. The only other thing I have to blog about now is interior design. That would be me posting several hundred links, which I don't think anyone wants.
Anyways, ask me your questions. I will have an answer to all of them. I promise. Remember the last time we did this? Remember how wildly exciting it was? Yes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The End

Humans will eventually die out. We've known that for a while now, but the big question is when. When and how will we end?
It's sort of comforting, this idea that we will eventually be entirely wiped out. No matter how much humans fuck up the world, there will be a day when we can't do it anymore. That's a little reassuring.
I think overpopulation and pointless fighting are going to be our eventual downfall. Either that or the sun will burn out and we'll have no other energy source and die. Either way, it's not going to be terribly exciting. With overpopulation, we'll eventually run out of land to grow food on (and we will have been using half of it to grow fuel. Stupid, stupid, stupid) and then end up eating each other or just killing off some people to lessen the problem, then getting carried away.
I sort of want to yell "We're all going to die!" right now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


We all end up at the same place at the end of everything, and that's oddly comforting.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Master Procrastinator

I should be writing or studying or something. Instead I'm blogging and listening to pandora. Stuck in an unproductive rut. My parents have decided that I need to clean my room. It's a mess. There's three levels: What I should be doing, what I want to be doing, and what I am doing. The chances of these all overlapping sometime soon are very low. That's more than a little tragic.
I've been pondering purpose again. Some time ago, I decided that our purpose was to find a purpose. That seems a little bit circular, but I like circular definitions, as long as I'm the one who made them up. Basically, find someplace where the world needs you, then you're good.
Of course, when you're thinking about what you're going to do with your life, it's hard to know where the world needs you.
The world doesn't need me to blog. I blog because I like to. Come to think of it, most everything I do isn't something that the world needs. The world doesn't really need youtube videos, the world doesn't need people who can't stand typing on ergonmic keyboards, the world doesn't need people who spend their Saturday sleeping and thinking about working, the world doesn't need anything I do. I know that sounds like I'm suicidal or something, but it's more like I need to make myself useful. I need to find a purpose.
Any ideas?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Perfection is unattainable for humans.
I can deal with that. I've never been perfect, never thought I was perfect. It seems like that's what we want though. We're striving for an impossible goal.
Failure is attainable. Failure is attainable for everyone.
It's funny, how we define failure. I know a lot of people, who, if they were me, would feel like complete failures. I guess I feel like a failure sometimes too, everyone must. I don't know if it's failure. I guess it's somewhere in between, not doing well, but not doing horribly either. I can't tell if it's right or wrong because it's not, it's always somewhere in between. There needs to be a simple yes or no, black or white, failure or sucess.
Enough with the thinking.
I'm cold. I've gotten 6 emails in the past two days from various colleges. Two (maybe three, I'm not sure) of these are Christian colleges. Little Life Lesson: Never put your religion on the PLAN test. They will not understand that if you were to go away to school, there is no way it would be to Bloomington/Normal, Indiana.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday I went to a QuizBowl turnoment in Indiana. It was about five hours away. There are many trips more enjoyable than five hours on a school bus. Anyways, we did pretty well. We won seven out of the ten games that we played, and the best JV team came in second (to the team that's at the other side of town, our somewhat rivals). Pretty cool. Guess what? When we were leaving, I saw one of these chairs sitting out in the middle of the parking lot. I wanted to steal it, but there wasn't really room on the bus. How tragic.
There is a small possibility that I could move, which would be exciting. There is a larger possibility that I will not move. I'll keep you updated.
I have homework to do today. Bio is two things that I'm not very fond of, hard and stupid. Stupid because I can't force myself to care, and probably hard for the same reason. Blurgh. I have Euro and Commercial Art homework too, both of which aren't too bad.
I should sign up for segment two of driver's ed sometime soon. In a little more than three months, I can get my liscense. Squeee!
I've been loosing my voice, to the point where it was basically a squeak after talking all day yesterday. It's a little better today, just sounding hoarse.
Quizbowl, chair stealing, being bored, driving, and loosing my voice. Sounds fun, right?