Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stuck in List Mode

This article continues a question that I've been thinking about for a long time.
Today I've...
Answered 230 questions about my character and what coworkers think of me for Panera. If I'm going to be earning minimum wage, is that really necessary?
Whined about my mosquito bites and the giant blister on my toe.
Thought many times about my Civics project.
Thought many times about my Commercial Art project.
Driven around my city. Nothing fun, just running errands.
Eaten several cookies worth of cookie dough.
Actually baked cookies.
Eaten too much.
Watched YouTube videos.
Slept in. Until ten. If sleeping in is ten, you know that the man has taken control of your sleeping patterns.
Considered my future.
Built a scary amount of a five year plan, in the spirit of Joseph Stalin.

2 Fab Fans:

Andrea said...

I baked cookies yesterday, too! Chocolate chip.

LittleTree said...

Hey, you have a JOB - Awesome . . . I know you will love working . . . Trust me it is so, well, it is so . . . Ok it is just so like work. Have fun. Peace