Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesdays are for...

Yes, my yarn and roving from beverslide dry goods came today, and it's pretty fabulous. I have pictures, but my camera's a butthead. I'll upload them when I can.

The yarn is pretty slubby, a lot of thin/overspun parts, along with huge chunks of barely-spun fiber.
This will take some practice.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I've been pretty busy lately, even though I haven't had school. I've been in drivers ed (I know, makes you want to stay off the roads), knitting, reading, contemplating homework, etc. I have some pictures to post, if I can make my camera play nice. I also read The Life of Pi, which is a fabulous book, but I think the author might be crazy. There's nothing wrong with that.
Here's a excerpt of the story. Tell me what you think, okay?

March 8 9th grade

Dear You,

I don’t fit. I’m not like these people. I’m not even one of those people who’s really popular because they’re new and shiny and different. I’m the kind of different where you know eight people. I don’t mean that I have eight best friends, I mean that there are eight people who I am not related to who would recognize me and say hey if I saw them at the grocery store. It’s not like I just beamed down from mars last week either, I’ve been living here for a week short of forever. I’m just the kid who slips out of everyone’s memories the moment I get in them. I’m the schwa, always there, never noticed.

Just there.

If I died tomorrow, who would notice? I’m not talking about who would find my body, or who would go to my funeral, It’s who would realize that they haven’t seen me in three days , and haven’t heard from me in the same. I guess it’s just me asking who would notice that I’m missing and care enough to email or call me, asking where I am. Who would call the cops if I didn’t respond?

Is that the difference between a friend and a best friend?

There’s a rather large part of me that says I should conduct an experiment to see who my best friends really are. I would go missing for a week or so, then check my email and answering machine. If no one has noticed, then...I don’t have any real friends.

Come to think about it, the only reason I haven’t done that yet is because I’m afraid of the results

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Five Years

I've changed so much, but I'm still the same.
Do we ever really change?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Religion Post...

Okay. I got thinking about religion, and I kind of couldn't stop (just like Doritos) and I ended up wanting to write something about it. I couldn't figure out a way to work it into the current story, so I figured I'd post it here. Be prepared for a rant. Go grab snacks or tea or something. I'm having raspberry herbal, it's too late for caffeine.I'm Christian. United Methodist, to be exact. I don't know for how long that will be true, but at the present it is, and since the only thing we can be sure of is the present, I'll go with that.What religion are you? Would you still be of that religion if you hadn't been born into your family? Were you raised in that religion? Has there been anything that has confirmed your belief in whatever you believe in? Have you ever thought of converting? Have you ever had people try to convert/evangelize you? Have you really paid attention to what they have to say? Have you ever tried to convert/evangelize to someone?
I don’t think that I would be United Methodist if I wasn’t born into my family. However, I think out of all the varieties of Christianity, Methodism suits me the best. Really though, I don’t think I would be religious if my parents weren’t. It’s always interested me; peoples’ relationship with religion. My dad’s parents made him go to church every Sunday, and he rarely goes now. When he does go, it’s Christmas, Easter, or he’s going to the UU church. My mom’s parents wouldn’t make her go to church. I never knew this before tonight, but apparently when she was a teenager, they didn’t go to church much, but my mom went to church and was involved in youth group. There’s a lot of people who went to church when they were younger, but have stopped going, found something better to do on a Sunday morning. There are also people who grew up with atheist or agnostic parents, but are now devout.
I’ve been in this class on world religions and comparing them to Christianity. It’s been pretty interesting, but the video to go along with the class is kind of narrow minded, not to mention that I could have filmed it (using my mad movie skillzzzz, of course). It only covered six major religions-Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The portions on Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam were all very focused on the history and central beliefs rather than the rituals of any of the religions. This week was the finale, Christianity. I brought one thing away from the video sermon, and that was that Christianity is for slackers.
Christianity is for Slackers.
He said how all many of the other religions had some sort of work to achieve eternal salvation involved, but with Christianity, Jesus just died on a cross, so you don’t need to work anymore. Is Christianity really for slackers? We give a free ticket to heaven to anyone who can accept Jesus as their savior (easier said than done). What if God decided that if you want to go to heaven, you have to pray five times a day? How many christians would actually make a point of interrupting their day to worship god? What if god wanted you to memorize scripture, whole books of the bible? Who would actually do it? I know that I probably wouldn’t do either- too time consuming, I have other things that I need to do, I don’t think that memorizing is a good way to learn things, the bible was written by people-not the direct word of god. There’s a whole host of excuses that I would use to get out of doing anything for my religion that I don’t feel like.

Does that mean that I don’t really believe in what I say I believe in? That I’m a fake, a poser?

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Sock and I...

I had a really exciting weekend. On Saturday, I went to the DI regional turnoment. I knit a lot while I was there.This is the man in the corn hat. He is a timekeeper. He had the corn hat last year too.
This was waiting for the improv challenge to start. I had a balcony seat,
and I knit
at the awards ceremony.
The sock had never seen that many people in it's life!
Meredy held the sock while we were working at the youth group auction for asp.
The sock handed out numbers.
And I made me a spindle and read A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. It was a pretty fantabulous book. You really should read it right this very minute. The library should have it in a few hours, after I return it. I read Chicks with Sticks III too. It wasn't as good, don't waste your time unless you're desperate.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

This is going to be a weird and random post

What else is new?
*I imagine everyone on the internet to look exactly like me. Chances are, if I read your blog, and you rarely post pictures of yourself, then my mental image of you is a clone of me. It's weird, I know.
*I'm currently at 10,196 words. It's going well.
*This is what my desk looks like (yeah, I got a new desk a while ago. It's from freecycle.)It's a mess, and I really need to organize...later.
*Some knitting content, finally!That's the Urchin. It looks...interesting. I hope it turns out right.
*The following makes me angry.This is the case for one of the cd's for world of warcraft, which my brother barrowed from my cousin. Apparently the thing on the front is an elf. I think that it's pretty objectifying to women, considering that the elf is not wearing very much in the way of clothes, and certianly looks like she has a human torso.
Would the elf still be magic or whatever while wearing clothes? Yeah, she would. And that wouldn't be selling sex now, would it?
*And in case you were wondering what I'm doing in school
That's my Geometry homework from a few days ago. It's a flash tattoo (from Specials by Scott Westerfield)This is the last few pages of my French notebook. On your right was a banner design that never really made it into being, and on your left....I have no idea what it is. There's a garment design at the top, some kind of asymmetrical jacket.And this is a piece of paper in the plastic part of my French binder. Mr. French teacher, in case you're wondering, I don't doodle in class. I doodle on the papers that we were supposed to illustrate verbs on, but ended up not using all of them...Really.
*We had another snow day yesterday! Third one this season! Woot!That's the view from my deck, in case you were curious.
*Oh yeah. I finished Vanishing Acts and a while ago I read....well...I guess I'm going to have to say the title sometime...Sex God. It's not as dirty as you think it is. It's interesting. Stop giggling.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A whole lotta questions.

Why do I have an obscene amount of icons/avatars/whatever you want to call them saved on my computer?
Why did I just cast on for an Urchin? I don't need any more wips! It must be the new yarn daze or something.
Why do *they* tell us about how we need to choose new schedules for next year, *then* they let us go ask teachers about classes, a week later?
What parts of our lives do we remember in the end?
What's worth doing?
Is it a really terrible idea to sign up for French III and French IV next year? Should I just take French III and Health?
Why is Pandora so freeking addictive?
Why was I so surprised that the sermon at the Unitarian Universalist church didn't involve God or Jesus?
Is that the first time I've heard a sermon that never referenced the Bible?
If everyone else in the world was dead and you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be? Frank Loyd Wright's house? The white house? The Taj Mahal?
Why are stories so fun and easy to start, but terrible to write once you pass 8,000?
Does this sound really stupid? It's supposed to be a journal entry from an annoymous teenager. It's the most recent part of the story.

May 25 8th grade

Dear you,

Do you ever wonder why we’re here? I wonder if some people are just born knowing this, or if we all have to figure it out on our own. If everyone has to figure it out on their own, they how come I seem like I’m the only one without a clue?

Why does everyone else make it seem so easy to do stuff? I can’t think of anything that just comes to me naturally, but it seems like everyone at school just has some god-given ability to be really, really good at something. Maybe it’s soccer, or hockey, or dance, or math, or English, or science.

Where did that miss me? Why didn’t I get something that I’m really really good at? I bet that the one thing I’m really good at is something totally useless, like knowing the name of every single car I see.

I guess that might be my superpower. It’s pretty much pathetic to have the one thing that you’re any good at be knowing car names. It’s not like that’s ever going to be useful in real life or anything. It’s entirely pointless to know

If you can answer any of the questions, put it in the comments!