Saturday, December 27, 2008

Your questions, answered

Andrea! asked:
What is the meaning of life in a maxium of 5 words? 42, happiness, finding meaning
Which brand of rootbeer is the best? I like mug, but I know you like that one brand, Frostie
How many empty cans of rootbeer do I have on my desk? About a million
What is your favorite color? Let's go with purple. Dark purple, although I like dark red too.
Did you know I have a coupon for 55 cents off Mentos Gum? You're really lucky, Andrea
Why 55? 55 sounds nicer. Sort of like making things cost 4.99 instead of 5.00
Why not 50? Didn't you hear me the first time
That's pretty stupid, isn't it? I don't really see the point in coupons for gum, but whatever.
Oh, it's 55 cents off any two pocket bottles. That's not as exciting
I bet you wished you had that coupon. Not really. I'm not a big fan of mentos gum
Did you want me to be more serious? Nah. These questions are so much easier to answer
Are you excited for Christmas?! I was terribly excited for Christmas. It went relatively well, and even though one of my cousins was rather surprised by my religious views and got a little converty on me, I was much less annoyed by this than my mom was.

fiberfiend6891 asked:
If you could change your name to anything, what would it be? Something less popular. Did you know that Samantha was the fourth most popular name in the 90's? How sad is that? See here. For 1993, the top four for girls are Jessica, Ashley, Sarah, and Samantha.
Why do bad habits die hard? That depends so much on how you define bad habits and dying hard. I guess all habits die hard, but the only ones you're really trying to get rid of are the bad ones, so that's the only time you really notice it.
What's a soul? A soul is you. When you die, your soul goes into the bucket o' souls (not bucket of souls. O') and gets mixed in with all the other souls and that's where new souls come from. It's not like you can actually, like, touch it or something. Souls change and grow as you get life experience. Does that make sense?

Bianka asked:
why do some things seem so obvious to me and not other people? (and vice versa) Because everyone thinks differently. For instance, I recognize cars and tables and chairs when I see them, but many people do not. However, I suck at memorizing things.
why can't i be as good at quiz bowl as robert?? Because you are a human, not a superhero. It's okay. I'm just human too.
why do some things have to be complicated? Because people are complicated, because life is complicated. It would get annoying if it was more shallow.
why do people get offended so easily? Who did you offend? Because people are touchy about certain things. For instance, if you called someone around me a retard, I would be offended because I'm touchy about that, my life experiences have shaped that. Other people might not be offended because they don't have the same life experiences.
why is it not racist to call me white? I don't think it's racist to call someone brown either. I would prefer white to "Caucasian" where the hell is Caucasia? Does that mean that I'm not German and Lebanese and Irish and Dutch and English if I'm just "Caucasian"?
why am i so frustrated with this thing that's happening??? actually i already know the answer. I don't know what's happening. Email me about it, kay?

Zoopsia asked:
what the hell is water? H2O. It can be found in lakes and rivers and oceans and underground and in bottles by evil people who feel the need to steal our water and charge outrageous amounts for their wasteful containers.
who knows less: two people who know nothing about a subject or a lone person who knows nothing about said subject? One person. Assuming that all people have basic human knowlege, the two people have 2basichumanknowlege, but the lone person only has 1basichumanknowlege.
why does bianka have the impression that it's not racist to call her white? I'm not sure. Race seems to be one of those things that we just aren't allowed to talk about, and that's a problem. If we could just start a conversation and make sure that no one's going to get offended, then that would solve a lot of our issues.
why are womens feet shorter than mens? They aren't always. I have relatively large feet for a woman. It usually relates to height, and men are generally taller than women.
why are fire engines red? You do realize that the fire engines here are green, not red, right? I suppose that's the majority because red is visible no matter what season it is, along with the fact that if you see a giant red vehicle (the squad, my dad calls it) you are going to move. It's hard to confuse a giant red thing with much else.

Thanks for all the questions! It was buckets of fun to answer all of them. Buckets of fun is my new "thing", just like tragic and no shit were. I'm not sure how long it's going to last.

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Zoopsia said...

yikes, i might have to disagree with you on the answers to some of the questions. yet... at the same time you spoke with much wisdom, young padawan.

Samantha said...

Which answers do you disagree with?

Verisimilitude said...

...I've never seen a green fire truck. They're yellow.

Samantha said...

Light green. Like a green hi-liter. They're green.