Thursday, December 11, 2008

These are the moments

That just hit you.
I went to the DIA today. Apart from causing me to miss the majority of the school day, this means that I saw a lot of paintings today. I've blogged about my love for the dia before, and this exhibit didn't change anything about that. Part of the reason that art is art is the way that it impacts you and the response it ilicits. I'm not usually a person who feels connected. Connected to paintings and everything else, it just doesn't happen much. There was this painting, Self Portrait with Hat and Coat, that I really liked.
It's not really that exciting, but the combonation of that and Conversations With God, and just the stuff I've been thinking about lately, it sort of made me realize something. I want my writing to feel like that painting. That painting looks like everyone has felt at one point or another. If you peel back the outside, I think more people feel like that than would care to admit. If I can capture that, I'm good.
Also, this is embarassing

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