Wednesday, December 24, 2008


What do a handwarmer, five books, my Euro binder, my camera, my mp3 player, a ruler, several pencils, my algebra book, my geometry notebook, and several magazines have in common? They were all in a giant pile on my desk.
Why do I think that Concord Free Press is so amazing?
There's something that is missing from our way of doing things. We've been turning more and more into consumers who are completly uninvolved in the creation of everything. This is different. It's the sort of different that I connect with knitting and writing and youtube. It's the idea that things are more entertaining if you had something to do with making them. I suppose this was all started by something I heard on NPR a few days ago about copyright and how it makes us all consumers of culture instead of creators.
Concord Free Press gives out books. Not just giving free books to poor kids in Bangladesh, giving free books to everyone who wants one, only asking that you donate to charity and give the book to someone else. They don't make money. I wish I'd thought of this idea first. Maybe this isn't creating, but it's impacting who gets things and how publishing works and how books are read, and that's something important.
I had this idea. It involved you, my readers. You know how I ask a lot of questions? You don't. You comment every once in a while, remind me that you're alive by the three followers blogger tells me that I have. I want you to be involved. I want to answer your questions. Any questions that are in the comments on this post by Saturday will be answered. They don't have to be about me or my blog or ApartmentTherapy, they can be anything. I will answer all of them to the best of my abilities.
I am unreasonably excited about all of this, so you best have some questions.

4 Fab Fans:

Andrea! said...

What is the meaning of life in a maxium of 5 words?
Which brand of rootbeer is the best?
How many empty cans of rootbeer do I have on my desk?
What is your favorite color?
Did you know I have a coupon for 55 cents off Mentos Gum?
Why 55?
Why not 50?
That's pretty stupid, isn't it?
Oh, it's 55 cents off any two pocket bottles.
I bet you wished you had that coupon.
Did you want me to be more serious?
Are you excited for Christmas?!
Merry Christmas, Samantha!

I almost called you Sam.

fiberfiend6891 said...

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?
Why do bad habits die hard?
What's a soul?

Bianka said...

why do some things seem so obvious to me and not other people? (and vice versa)
why can't i be as good at quiz bowl as robert??
why do some things have to be complicated?
why do people get offended so easily?
why is it not racist to call me white?
why am i so frustrated with this thing that's happening??? actually i already know the answer.

Zoopsia said...

what the hell is water?

who knows less: two people who know nothing about a subject or a lone person who knows nothing about said subject?

why does bianka have the impression that it's not racist to call her white?

why are womens feet shorter than mens?

why are fire engines red?