Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love Love Love

I've been singing this song for the past three days. The video's not great, but I love the song. So. Much.

I read The Dead and the Gone yesterday. It was interesting, but not particularly well written. I also read Skipping Christmas, which was neither interesting nor well written. The Dead and the Gone got me thinking about survival skills and the lack of them. Which, of course, led my thoughts to the post apocalyptic commune thread. That is pretty much the most interesting thing I've thought about in the past two days. The basic premise of the book is that an asteroid hits the moon and fcks with the tides, causing large portions of New York to flood. And then since the gravity is different, volcanoes start errupting (this part doesn't seem quite possible) and basically, the shit hits the fan. I disagreed with the lack of emotion in the books. It seems like most people would be freaking out about the fact that both of their parents are dead a little bit more than he was. I also thought that it was weird how he wasn't comfortable going through his parent's stuff to find the money and papers he needed. It was okay overall.
I want to read Wicked.

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