Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Full of questions without any answers

The title does not illustrate anything new.
SouLLooN posted about this the other day, and I know the two people who he was talking about. That made me think about who is smart, and what is smart. Is someone who gets really good grades, takes pre-calc in their freshman year (I know some people who actually do this), takes two science classes every year, and is really good at school smarter than someone who can't read, but is really good at hands on stuff (I was thinking machinery type stuff, but substitute your own hands on thing)? Are people unable to get an education stupid? I don't think so, because in LEAP, we would always talk about how all people have a potential, even if the circumstances prevent them from reaching that potential, and why education is important. The teacher always used some uneducated orphans in Africa who could find the cure for cancer as an example, but I think the kid who has a high IQ, who hates school because school thinks differently than them is just like that. What is potential? For some people, they will make great discoveries, save the world, etc., and they may not have reached their potential yet. There are other people, for whom being a greeter at Mijer will be their potential, and if they reach that, good for them.
When I was trying to test out of health this past summer (I didn't pass, but nobody else did either), one of the things I was studying was Maslow's Hierarchy. I guess that I don't take an issue with his pyramid thingie, but the real thing I had issues with was the idea that about 1% of all people reach "Self Actualization" Which is apparently the peak of their ability or something. How depressing is the idea that, no matter how hard you try, chances are that you will never reach your full ability, and my other question is: who the hell determines your potential, and when you have reached it? I don't want to be judged by them (yeah, it's the U.S. Department of THEM), and they have no idea what my potential is. Me studying this got me so angry, the last time one piece of paper made me that angry, I was asked to design my own gravestone in conformation. Then I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, then ran up to the library and cried. That was insensitive of them, but whatever.
Back on topic.
Some blogger (I am thinking it was Grumperina, but I might be wrong) had posted a 100 things about me list, and one of the things was something along the lines of "in an ideal socicety, where no one would judge me for wasting my brain, I would be a construction worker. I would operate the crucher." Is it fair that people who get good grades are expected to go to college and live fruitful lives, when many people wouldn't have an issue with a smart person who doesn't apply themselves not going to college and ending up flipping burgers (like what the counselours tell you will happen if you drop out of high school.)?
So, tonight I went to the second to the last class of the advent study class. There was this part of the lesson about what kind of spiritual relationship you have. I think the kinds were Contemplative, Intellectual, Creation, Worship, Service, and a few others. The one I identified most with was probably Contemplative. I'm not really into worship, and frankly, don't see the
point of it. Yeah, I like to dance at church, but I don't really consider it worship, it's just dance. I like to help others, but it doesn't make me feel close to God or anything. I guess that leaves Intellectual, Creation, and Contemplative. I think I'm mostly contemplative. I just need my alone time, and sometimes, I just need to stop and think about stuff.
Another thing touched upon today was the idea that inside every person, God resides. I guess that I don't really think of it that way. How would we treat people differently if we thought that there was a little chunk of God inside them? Would we judge less? Would we be nicer to strangers? Would we ask "Can I help you?" Would we be more open with our feelings?
Yeah, still no clue what I actually believe. But this class makes me feel a little more...comfortable with the notion of God. I probably would never go to church if not for the minister who teaches this class, and my Sunday school class.
In other news, the Yarn Harlot is knitting crazy socks.

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LittleTree said...

You are a deep thinker. I know you will reach your potential. Keep learning and growing and enjoy your days fully. Have a wonderful day.

Genuine-Lye said...

Wow! I totally agree with you that different people have different levels of potential, and I think this patrician idea that only non-manual labor is worthwhile is just stupid. Being smart as a construction worker is just as good. Very thought provoking post, Froomla.

Samantha said...

Plus, they're are a lot of people in this country who need manual labor, and we're shipping it over to china, because they'll do it for cheaper.