Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My sad, title-less life.

I was reading Ramblings of a Knitting Obsessive (link that way>) and noticing her Tangled Yoke Cardi that she just finished. She posted about buying the yarn on December 16, and then finished the sweater in the past few days. If I can figure this out right, then she finished a whole adult sized sweater in less than a month- on size four needles too! People like this scare me. Eunny Jang is one of those people, and she scares me too.
Which, if you wander around my brain for a while, eventually leads to the topic of knitting expertise. Is someone who's good at knitting a fast knitter? Is someone who is good at knitting capable of doing lace, cables, colourwork, whatever? What if there's someone who could do things like lace, cables, and colourwork, but what you really want, and what you really feel like knitting is just stockinette hat after stockinette hat? Does that make you less of a knitter, just because you don't want to use your skills? How long does it take to get "good at knitting"?
Food for thought.
Oh, how did you guys find my blog? I know that Krista found me through the Yarn Harlot, but how did everyone else find me?

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Literary Rock Star said...

I'm now someone who found you through you posting on the NaNo regular blogging thread. =D

Hi there. I'm trying out your blog to see if I'm entertained by it. Lol. No pressure, tho.


LittleTree said...

You are my blog teacher. That is how I found your blog. Thank you for teaching me to blog . . .

Samantha said...

Yay for "advertising" and spreading the blogging gospel.
Literary rock star, I hope you are entertained by the stuff I write. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!