Thursday, January 24, 2008


me: OMG

Makena: i know
me: I have a dent in my head!
Makena: what does allegretto mean?
me: maybe that's why I think the way i think!
Makena: how did you get a dent in your head?
7:59 PM me: I have no idea
Makena: wierd
me: but it is so there
Makena: that is wierd u were prob dropped on ur head when u were little
8:00 PM me: no...that's mean
This is more of a flat spot with an indentation in the middle
8:01 PM Makena: that sounds like what babies heads are like yours it seems just never grew to cover the whole which is wierd since merrits hole has hardend over
me: no, it's not a soft spot, it's a flat spot

As you can see, I have recently discovered that I have not only a flat spot, but a dent in the back of my head. This is rather unnerving, but it could explain a lot.
I started dance. I have it first block, and we strech. And that makes my legs hurt. And then I whine.
No really, dance class is a lot of fun. It's physical activity, but without the horrible team sports that have been the bane of my existance since kindergarden and the introduction of gym class onto my otherwise happy childhood. I'm not one of the more skilled people in the class, but I'm not the worst either, which is good. And apparently, I have developed a comma fetish, damn.
Honors Geometry is surprisingly easy. You should remember that in May when I'm whining about how hard Honors Geometry is, then you can say "You said it was so easy!"
Earth Science is interesting. The teacher's good, but really hard. This will probably be harder than Honors Geometry.
French Two is hilarious. I don't really know anyone in that class, but the people are pretty funny. Haven't learned a ton, but I have a feeling that I will actually have to conjugate French verbs, which we totally didn't have to do last year. Eugh.
This is getting boring, I know. I'll stop now.

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LittleTree said...

a bump on the head is no problem. Just make sure you never sport a bald head. It is good to see ya. I am glad to hear that you are having fun. Peace