Monday, January 14, 2008

Jodi Piccoult

I finished Salem Falls at school today. Loved it so much. All of Jodi Piccoult's books are really great, but they're not really the kind of book that I read a lot of. I usually read what would be called the Twinkies of books. They're not deep, not challenging, and they don't make you think. They're kind of a weird comfort food. Jodi's books are the whole wheat bread of books. They make you think. Okay, so it might not be as deep as scary books (just about everything on the quiz bowl literature list) but it's deep to the point where it's still interesting.
I've also read My Sister's Keeper and The Tenth Circle. I think I liked My Sister's Keeper best, though.

2 Fab Fans:

R.J. Keller said...

Nineteen Minutes is a good one by Jodi Picoult.

Samantha said...

I've heard it's good too. I guess the next one I read will probably just be whatever they have at the library, which seems to be A Change of Heart.