Sunday, November 28, 2010

Isn't it funny...

That I haven't blogged in a week? That I need to write 16,000 words by the end of the month? That I started typing out "Sixteen thousand" because it's two words when "16,000" is just one?

Yes. Of course. All of the above.
College. College relates to all of the things I need to blog about right now. When I say that it relates to all of the things I need to blog about right now, I mean that it loosely relates to some of the things I need to blog about right now.
I'm starting to think that they make applying to college difficult and confusing to convince people not to go to college, which is looking like a better option every day. And then I remember how much I hate flipping burgers, which is what every single person who doesn't go to college ends up doing for their whole entire life, right? Seventy percent* of the U.S. population currently works at McDonald's. When you stop and think about that one for a half second, you realize that the concept is economically and physically impossible. There aren't enough McDonald's in the country to make space for them, and if everyone was working at McDonald's there wouldn't be enough people to buy the food. Also, duh.
Mr.Apgov is very convinced that he's teaching a college course. Whatever, right? Let the teachers think what they want to think, they're not hurting anyone. Except sometimes they are. If anyone reading this blog is in college or has taken a real college course or has ever thought about higher education as a concept, could they please verify the fact that you generally don't focus on regurgitating useless information while you're in college? Or, really, for that matter, while you're in a non-mandatory high school course? We have a project right now that seems to be focused on learning an unnecessary amount about a specific president. Mine is Andrew Jackson, known to be a total jerk and waste of space. Also, he was really into populism, an idea which I'm not terribly fond of. And frankly, I don't think that finding the names of every single person who he ran against in the presidential election will help me on the AP test that I'm not taking**.
So. Thanksgiving was good. Food was good. Leftovers consist only of turkey, turkey soup, and more turkey, which is a massive disappointment. All I want is some mashed potatoes. Is it that difficult, really?
On Buy Nothing Day, I bought stuff, including a prom dress. I'm unnecessarily excited about this dress. If you're someone who has already heard about it, then I'm very sorry. It's a very exciting dress.
I've been watching some...television...on the internet, of late. Dear Fox, please please please, do not show me another advertisement for Panera about how to make the perfect crust (Spritz the bread with water, then spray the inside of the oven!) or Bob's Burgers. That show makes me assume that Family Guy and SouthPark are the height of intelligence and cultural achievement. I am not interested in either of your advertisements. Please, switch things up, just for once. You, like Facebook, could decide that I'm Mormon and give me several thousand advertisements for "LDS Modest Prom Dresses".
*My made up statistic was written like that to make it two words long. I am fantastic.***
**I'm switching out of the class next semester, and it turns out that no one actually cares about AP Gov. Except, of course, State. Everyone wants to go to Michigan or State, for some mysterious and unknown reason. They can't have the best program for everything, guys!
***"Lucio, a fantastic. And he is fantastic." - Mrs. Aplit, who is fantastic.

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