Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Um. Crazycakes. That's my life.

I wrote a lot today* and I still have a lot more to write, but it's okay. Remember when I saw Toy Story 3 and my basic reaction was D'awww + tears? Mmm yeah, Pixar did it again with their "It Gets Better" video. Probably the best one I've seen yet.

Now you know what company should make an "It Gets Better" video? Herman Miller. Also, Alan Rickman. That would be good, simply because he is in it.
I'm sure I had things to say when I opened this blog post. I'm really sure, but they're gone now. NBD. Um...writing is making me crazy. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in an emotional state on Wednesday, so watch out. There's some stuff, people related stuff, that I kind of need to talk about, but I can't really talk about it here because things are weird and yeah. Someone is about to win a prize for their fantastic skills in the expression department, no? Speaking of prizes, I'm going to be entering writing contests. I've found them. I'm going to do them after College (AHHHHHHHH WHY MUST YOU BE SO INSANE AAAAAAAAAAAAH) and NaNo and portfolio are done. Yes. Also, Scholastics, which I need to enter. I might be entering for both art and writing. I'm not sure.
I have a gym test tomorrow. It's about swimming. I liked the swimming unit. Except for the day when there had been a swim meet the night before and the pool was really low and lacking chlorine and smelled like B.O. that part was gross.
What else? All of my art stuff that was scattered around my house is currently in my room because we had Thanksgiving here and I had to move it. I cannot function with all of this stuff in my space. AHHAAAAAA. Do not like. Need to clean. Nowwwwwwwwwww.
*When I say today, I mean the today it was before midnight. Get with the program here.
Okay, this is just so I know what I have to do this week. Disregard this entirely.

  • Email mr.b about letters of rec
  • call ccs guy about interview
  • work on vellum architectural colourrr
  • work on chess pieces
  • touch up weird random design
  • do l'hotel de ville in pen? Maybe. If time
  • start typing up novel???
  • get transcripts and scores sent to schools
  • list writing contests and dates
  • shipping news - book talk
  • shit just got real
  • ccs tomorrow first block? Eh?
  • how fast to use nano code?
  • when to type and edit novel - type - add 40k of extra story - print out - read - edit - have betas read, etc.

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