Sunday, November 21, 2010

2 AM, we've got to stop meeting like this.

I'd much rather sleep with you.
Anyway, we have an excerpt. An excerpt, you say? How exciting! Jazzhands are in order, surely.* I've been on the computer a lot, mostly getting distracted. If all the words I see suddenly got a lot smaller, does that mean that my vision's going? Because it totally is.

“Yeah. This is impossible. You're amazing, but you can't do everything in a superhuman way. You'd kill yourself trying that.”
“I want to try, though. Don't you just want to hit that point where you've given something everything you've got and you know, for once, that you really wanted something?”
“Wanted it enough to die for it?”

So yeah, that's what I'm writing right now. Partayyyy. I think things are getting angstier** for both of my main characters, when in reality, only one of them should be angsty. But the diolauge? I love it so much. I love writing diolague between tehm, because they talk the way all of the characters in my head talk (and you should know that the above conversation isn't between them) sort of bantering back and forth very quickly, adding onto each other's unfinished thoughts because they fit together so perfectly.
*As I type this, I'm realizing just how interesting the things I'm writing right now will look in the morning. 'Tis the beauty of NaNo, is it not? Stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.
**Spellcheck*** is telling me that this isn't a word. Clearly we need to have a chat about language.
***My footnotes have footnotes; I need to go to bed. But...shouldn't wizards have spellcheck? Yesh. Makes sure you don't do stupid things like sectumsempra without knowing what you're doing.

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