Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Missing, The Wrong, The Emtional, and The Other

Consider this to be part two of the Harry Potter post. Spoilers abound. Most of these are minor issues, but I need to tell someone about them. Overall, I thought the movie was amazing, but there are some little things...

The Missing- Peacocks. Where are my peacocks? Yaxley said "He always did well for himself, Lucius. Peacocks." in a fabulously mocking way, and I want some albino peacocks! This is not okay!
I love how we awkwardly repair things that were left out in previous movies, like the entire relationships between Bill and Fleur and Remus and Tonks. And why on earth does Bill have to explain the scars on his face? Because of the failures of previous movies, that's why.
Andromeda is the one person who I'm really sad that they cut out. We know next to nothing about her, but there's so much you can imagine. What would motivate someone to leave their whole family behind? Can it really be all about Ted? Shouldn't there be something more? How does she feel about her sisters? How do they feel about her? I need to write a novel about this, clearly. Harry mistakes Andromeda for Bellatrix when he first sees her, so why couldn't HBC just play her with different hair and costume? At the end, sort of after the battle, aren't Narcissa and Andromeda supposed to see each other and have some sort of emotional reunion? I really wanted to see that. Without Andromeda, that cannot happen. This is a big problem
Charlie. Charlie...Charlie. Why are you not in any of the movies, Charlie? Why must they just cut out Weasley siblings? Why not cut out, say, Wormtail? No one needs him, but we need Charlie!
Krum was missing too, because he was supposed to get angry at Xenophilius about the Hallows symbol. Sigh. I guess it wasn't that big of a deal.
Why haven't we ever had a person identified as Rodolphus Lestrange? There's a bunch of generic Death Eaters who could be Rodolphus, but we don't know which one is him. He's not very significant, and given the things I assume about their relationship, Bellatrix was never too attached to him anyway.

The Wrong-Malfoy Manor was supposed to be like a bigger, kept up version of 12 Grimmauld Place combined with Manderly* and maybe a little bit of the Ministry of Magic thrown in. It's wrong. Too...Hogwartsy, really. And Narcissa, why the bangs? WHY? That is gross. Also, Lucius? Are we too busy sitting around the house all day to shave and clean up our hair? In the fanfiction, you are pretty into your appearance. I wold appreciate it if you could keep that up in the film. Why is Voldemort moving and talking like a normal human? He is not normal. This is wrong.
Mundungus Fletcher, you are completely wrong. Ew ew no. You are supposed to look like a pile of rags. Why do you not look like a pile of rags? Why do you not look right? Tonks, what is happening with your hair? You can change it very easily, so why on earth would you leave it ugly? Ew. Do not like. Bill, why do you not have enough scars? You're supposed to be really scarred up, but there's like three cuts. Big deal. Hagrid, when did it become okay to fly motorcycles (which are supposed to be black, not blue) in the street? Around muggles? What is up with you?
I'm done talking to fictional characters now. Maybe.
Fred's reaction to the holey joke should have been bigger than it was. That is a terrible, funny joke. Act like it is. And Mrs. Weasely, you're supposed to be actively preventing Ron, Harry and Hermione from going off to search for horcruxes. Why aren't you?
Why isn't Fleur's family at the wedding? Wouldn't you make sure to remember your child's wedding? I would. Why does Harry look like Harry? He's supposed to be looking like the redhead muggle boy from the village.
Throughtout the movie, the apparation is really weird. It's not as bad as the time travel in Time Traveler's Wife**, but it's pretty unrealistic and weird. Do not like.
What else? Mr. Lovegood is way too out there. He makes Luna look totally normal, but they were supposed to be around the same level of crazy. And he didn't just say "Voldemort" to get Harry caught. There were more people in jail, I thought. And no lantern.
When was Dumbledore buried on an ISLAND? That never happened. Weird, that was. And also very dramatic.

The Emotional-I feel like I should have been sad when Moody and Hedwig died. It was just kind of like they were there, and then they were gone. But when Dobby said he was a free elf? That he had no master? I was basiacally falling apart. Why, why does he have to be so devoted? Fred is going to die in the next movie. Fred is going to die. Fred is going to die. What am I going to do when Fred dies?

The Other- The entire scene where Harry's trying to get the sword out of the water reminded me so much of the water drifting scenes in A Single Man. I just heard like...two days ago that Bonnie Wright and Jamie Cambell Bower are engaged. Apparently this happened in like...May. When we were wating for the movie to start, we were talking to these other people about AVPM and someone said that we went to the same school as Lauren Lopez, and someone asked if we went to U of M. Do we look like college kids? Really? Um...I really like The Politician's Wife, which I read like two months ago. As for ships I like to read in fanfiction, Dramione is an old standby, Drarry's generally good, and I love Snape/Anyone, Any of the Malfoys/Anyone, and...that's it. I don't think Ron's cut, after he got splinched, was totally unrealistic.
And, just so you know, if you're going to the movies with me, do not ask me questions about the plot and possiblities of Harry Potter while we are still in the theater. This is release day. For reals guys, shut up. Unless, of course, you're saying "Dobby!" when appropriate.

*Yes, I am referencing the world outside Harry Potter. I visit there occasionally.
**What, with chunks of people vanishing? That's bad. Really bad, actually.

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