Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Good

I just finished watching Harry Potter. 24 hours ago, I was watching Harry Potter. I love today. In celebration, here's a brief* explanation of the things I loved about Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part One). There are major spoilers here. I hope you're okay with that.

First off, the entire scene with Hermione's parents was pretty heart-wrenching. And then she just melted away from the pictures. Epic sadness, right there. That opening sequence, with Hermione and Harry and Ron, that's really good. Not the same as the book, but good. I liked the entire Malfoy Manor scene too. All the Death Eaters laugh when Voldemort says that Charity Burbadge would have them mate with muggles, but Snape doesn't laugh, or even smile. I like that little nod towards his blood status and lack of humour. Snape is really a fantastic character and Alan is a great actor, even if we only see him for 30 seconds. I didn't expect to feel anything when Charity Burbadge died, but I was kinda sad. Tom Felton was good** in that scene too. I really liked Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour. If anyone was going to play him, it should be the crazy old man from Love Actually, even if he doesn't quite fit the book description.
The scene where Ginny and Harry are kissing and George walks in on them and stares awkwardly? That was perfect, even though it's not cannon. And um...the toothbrush? Odd. The wedding was amazing.
I think the trio were fantastic in this movie. Just thought you ought to know.
At 12 Grimmauld Place, I think it's the cutest thing ever when Dobby and Kreacher come on in with Mundungus. That is awesome. Dobby was so great in this movie, and I think they've changed something in the CGI, since he looked...different. In a good way.
I wasn't a huge fan of the whole ministry scenario, but the kiss? That was good in an awkward way, which is the best kind of good (as long as you're the one who's not feeling the awkward).
In the camping trip, someone clearly shippped Harry/Hermione. I shipped it too. When I was twelve. Still, I vastly prefer it to Ron/Hermione, and anyways, it was cute. Hermione's line about how she thinks logicly and blocks out extraneous details? Amazing.
On their visit to Xenophilius Lovegood, I liked the plums. And the animation of the three brothers? Unexpected, but perfect. It felt Burtonesque, it had no diolauge, it felt really graphic, and everything was amazing. Yay. I especially liked the bit where the candle is blown out and the colours switch, with the blood from the throat slitting. That was a good image.
This is random, but I really like that one snatcher, with the scarf and the eyeliner.
Malfoy Manor again? Yes. Ahamazing. I love Helena Bonham Carter so much. And when you look up to see Dobby unscrewing the chandelier? Priceless. Ahh, all of Dobby's lines here are perfect, and if I was in a somewhat emotional mood, just saying one of them would make me cry. Dobby is a free elf!
That movie was 2 hours and 20something minutes long. It felt like it was an hour, tops. Time is weird like that.

*Harry Potter and brief are mutually exclusive. Didn't you realize that?
*I originally wrote that as "god". Can you say "Freudian slip"?

7 Fab Fans:

Bianka Rose said...

That is a very interesting Freudian slip. Tom Felton is ahamazingly good looking.
Everything I loved about this movie, you included in this post.
Nice. (DS voice)

Samantha said...

We were discussing this before the movie started (second time around) and Joey (there were other people there too, I wasn't just discussing hot guys. That would be weird) pointed out that Tom Felton has some weird chin thing. I do not see the imaginary chin. I only see hotness.
I think it's kind of hugely scary and amazing that we have the same taste in everything. Forrealz. Except for...well...Art? Maybe.

Bianka Rose said...

I only see hotness, too. His chin is just fine.
It's crazy sauce.
Art? Well, I like all art. Including modern art. I might prefer the classics, but I appreciate and embrace all art. Except for one painting by Courbet that's just....blehhh.

Samantha said...

That's like saying "I like everyone in this room. Except you, EP. Except you."
Which I feel like saying during quizbowl sometimes.

Samantha said...
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Bianka Rose said...

Maybe it's a good thing you don't say that.

Samantha said...

Maybe I need to be fiercer and say the things I want to say.
But then I would have no friends.