Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Perfection is unattainable for humans.
I can deal with that. I've never been perfect, never thought I was perfect. It seems like that's what we want though. We're striving for an impossible goal.
Failure is attainable. Failure is attainable for everyone.
It's funny, how we define failure. I know a lot of people, who, if they were me, would feel like complete failures. I guess I feel like a failure sometimes too, everyone must. I don't know if it's failure. I guess it's somewhere in between, not doing well, but not doing horribly either. I can't tell if it's right or wrong because it's not, it's always somewhere in between. There needs to be a simple yes or no, black or white, failure or sucess.
Enough with the thinking.
I'm cold. I've gotten 6 emails in the past two days from various colleges. Two (maybe three, I'm not sure) of these are Christian colleges. Little Life Lesson: Never put your religion on the PLAN test. They will not understand that if you were to go away to school, there is no way it would be to Bloomington/Normal, Indiana.

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Anonymous said...

On a related note, I always find the most addictive games to be the ones you can't actually win.

...maybe Tetris IS a metaphor for life!

Zoopsia said...

You are well on the path to success, of that, you can rest assured.

Verisimilitude said...

Huhuhuh. I DIDN'T put a religion on my PLAN, because I don't really follow one.

I still got mail from a billion religious schools. CALVIN WANTS ME.

Luna Moon said...

I put my religion on the PLAN. And yeah, still got a million religious schools emails. I think less people care anymore what religion a college is associated with anymore.

Aeromax said...

There's no black and white. We define our own failures and successes. And while you can't objectively define quality as a person, society (or the segments we live in) can, through averages. Which is sad sometimes, but that's just the way the world works.