Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday I went to a QuizBowl turnoment in Indiana. It was about five hours away. There are many trips more enjoyable than five hours on a school bus. Anyways, we did pretty well. We won seven out of the ten games that we played, and the best JV team came in second (to the team that's at the other side of town, our somewhat rivals). Pretty cool. Guess what? When we were leaving, I saw one of these chairs sitting out in the middle of the parking lot. I wanted to steal it, but there wasn't really room on the bus. How tragic.
There is a small possibility that I could move, which would be exciting. There is a larger possibility that I will not move. I'll keep you updated.
I have homework to do today. Bio is two things that I'm not very fond of, hard and stupid. Stupid because I can't force myself to care, and probably hard for the same reason. Blurgh. I have Euro and Commercial Art homework too, both of which aren't too bad.
I should sign up for segment two of driver's ed sometime soon. In a little more than three months, I can get my liscense. Squeee!
I've been loosing my voice, to the point where it was basically a squeak after talking all day yesterday. It's a little better today, just sounding hoarse.
Quizbowl, chair stealing, being bored, driving, and loosing my voice. Sounds fun, right?

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LittleTree said...

Sam it is totally cool, what is this about moving. You mean like changing your room with your brother, or like moving around in your house. Peace

Samantha said...

moving someplace new. Not sure where.
It all depends on the economy...

Andrea said...

Like... move out of the school district? What will we do with out you?!?!

Seriously, this state has already screwed me enough. If the economy dictates your move... I will do something violent. Michigan has one strike left. One.

(After that I'll move to Mexico! And become a fruit picker! And die getting hit by a trolley; like Frida Kahlo. But die and all. Not become a freaky painter).

Samantha said...

Andrea, your life will be amazing. Why do you want to be a fruit picker in Mexico? Why not a freaky painter?

Bianka said...

you should have takent the chair.