Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why my homework isn't done

And I think I'm in this photo:
We're not going to mention how sad this is, alright?

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Andrea said...

I love your vlog. Great facial expressions XD

LittleTree said...

Hey now . . . so what do you think of the vlog? What does your parents think of your vlogging? It is cool. Thanks for the comments on my blog the other day. Peace

Bashful Inky said...

I really like the blog! It's shanazzy.
But I am curious as to what you are saying from 0:30 - 0:33 ish

You go...
"Writing, (?)andjoremorhymo(?), which would be a great vlogging network opportunity."

I can't understand what you are saying there.

Bashful Inky said...

OH! You are saying "I do NaNoWriMo"!
Hahaha... That took me a lot of replays to discover.