Tuesday, May 13, 2008

John Green, I love you!

I finished Looking for Alaska yesterday, and it's on the top ten. Well, I guess it would be the top eleven or twelve now, but whatever. There's too many books that belong on the top ten for it to be limited to ten.
What I think I really liked about this book was this: It was deep, but not obviously so. The first half of the book involves Pudge, the main character, being a totall misfit. Alaska is the wild girl who lives down the hall at boarding school, and she is the one who really makes the book deep. When tragedy strikes, the only sane way to react would be to pull the best prank ever.
Yeah, that plot sounds like Harry Potter blenderized with depth and spiritual stuff. Which this book sort of is.

3 Fab Fans:

LittleTree said...

how are you coming along on your reading goal for the year?? Have a great day. Peace

AssassinsCall said...

Wasen't John Green one of the vlog brothers?

Samantha said...

um yeah, that's how I found his book..
the reading goal? I think i'm on track, but I've totally lost count. Too bad.