Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well. And Bullet Points.

Dear gawd, I need some new titles. I should ponder that.
This post needs some bullet points:

  • New layout. Yes, it is fantabulous. Yes, Aimless Cupcakes/Andrea made it for me. Yes, I pretty much think it's the shiz. We hung out today and read Hamlet.
  • Hamlet. Andrea and Emaline and I had this totally ridiculous/amazing/hilarious idea. We're reading all of Shakespeare's plays this summer.
  • Except for Romeo and Juliet, because we've all read that already. And it seems like everyone in that play was born without common sense.
  • This leaves 37 plays. We're getting a head start with Hamlet now. Next is A Midsummer Night's Dream. Next is something else.
  • I'm starting to think that Shakespeare was smoking some pretty good stuff when he was writing this, because some of this is pretty...far out.
  • Emaline finished Hamlet. Before me. We're not talking about how hostile I am feeling right now.
  • Does the whole reading all of Shakespeare's plays thing in one summer make me a dork?
  • Andrea, how could I repay you for my layout? Cookies? A hilarious video?

5 Fab Fans:

Andrea said...

Yeah... you're definitely going to have to make future pictures/videos smaller. Which kind of sucks. Sorry.

Samantha said...

I could just post links.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Shakespeare - yeah, pretty dorky. Dork pride!
Regarding layout - pwetty! But it's kinda narrow...

Bianka said...

well you finished Hamlet. so yeah! we all did. and we're starting A Midsummer's Night Dream. tomorrow. and i'm coming and we're doing this totally new thing called ACTUALLY READING MORE THAN TWO ACTS. i know, it's such a good idea.

Samantha said...

bianka, I did read more than two acts. Just not more than two acts at once. It's not my fault that I have mild ADD. Really. It's never the paitents fault.