Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fifteen, there's still time for you

There's never a wish better than this
When you've only got 100 years to live

It's my birthday! I'm fifteen now! Is it just me, or does fifteen seem a lot older than fourteen? Maybe it's the driving thing, maybe it's the hi!school thing, maybe it's something else. I don't think fifteen looks a lot different than fourteen.
This was fourteen:
And this is fifteen:Granted, these pictures were taken less than twenty four hours apart, but they're still pretty similar. It would look the same if I changed my shirt and put a different look on my face.
Anyways, to commerate the ending of my fourteenth year here, I have fourteen things that I did in the past year.

  • I got quiet. This year I had a lot less friends in my classes, so there wasn't anyone to talk to. I'm not the best at talking to new people, so I got pretty quiet.
  • Holy shit, I wrote. I wrote at least 75,000 words on various projects. I feel acomplished.
  • I learned to fall.
  • I learned that I can have a lot of fun doing things, even if I'm no good at them. Examples: debate, writing, teen court, drama, everything else I do.
  • I got good at knitting. I like being good at something that is semi-uncommon for people my age.
  • I started blogging, and I don't know if I would have survived without it.
  • I drifted. I drifted away from friends. I don't think I'm okay with this.
  • I learned that the whole don't judge a book by it's cover thing is actually true. There are people in my dance class (you know the people, the ones who look so fake) who are more real than the people in say, debate, will ever be. It's odd.
  • A C is not the end of the world.
  • I'm a different kind of smart.
  • Failing is most of how I learn things.
  • You can play Rapunzel in a play, even if your hair is really short.
  • I don't think I'll ever be sure about what I believe. I've come to peace with that fact.
  • We, as a species, will all be gone some day. Eras end. I pointed this out in Earth Science, and I seem to be the only one who finds this reassuring.

And a bonus picture.

3 Fab Fans:

Miss Hannah said...

Happy Birthday! 15 is a great year.

LittleTree said...

You are an incredible thinker. Keep searching for TRUTH. Happy Birthday. Peace

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! If you think the jump from 14 to 15 is huge, wait til you go from 15 to 16. Talk about changes... ;-)