Sunday, December 23, 2007

Update on life. And no ranting. Or at least not too much.

A purple lamb. Wasn't this in The Oddesey? That's why I made it.

Cookie decorating!! Yay for cookie decorating!

They let me roll out cookie dough this year. I think this means that no one else wanted to, or that they think I'm all growed up.
So, school let out for Christmas break on Friday, and very little work actually got done on the last two days of school this week, making the total number of working days this week a whopping 1. The field trip was pretty fun on Tuesday, even if Conni sort of got lost, and I've already been to the Henry Ford Museaum about four times.
This cute little monkey is Lichtenstein, named after Roy Lichtenstein. He will be fetured in the blog often.

This was me making the United States out of lepchucken. I love lepchucken.I love lepchucken sooo much.

And this is how far the sweater is. I'll be posting the pattern soon.

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