Monday, December 10, 2007

This is why I wasn't on honor roll last year, and a (maybe) wonderful idea

Yeah, I cast on 15 more stitches than I needed to. Stop laughing. This is exactly why I didn't make honor roll last year, I got a C (two C's actually, but vague is good. Vague est mon ami.).
My fantabulous idea is as follows.
There may be a new series on the blog about how to knit a sweater, Froomla style. I will post bits of the pattern, as well as pictures of me trying it on as I go and figure stuff out. Anybody wanna do a KAL type thing, or just think this would be amusing? The general sweater idea is similar to Wicked, only without the baby cables, or the pocket. And with one cable down the front. And sleeves as long as I have the yarn for.
Anyone think this would be fab?

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