Monday, August 24, 2009

In which I am completly insane.

I have just written what I consider to be the greatest paragraph ever. Of course, my opinion of that paragraph may change if I dared to reread it, but we're going to refrain from that for now. It's very ranty. It reads the same as 80% of my blog posts. We may be seeing a trend in the tone of my writing and blog posts, but we're going to act like my writing has an actual style, not just that of me sitting down at the computer and ranting.
I went to the movies twice today. The first time, I saw The Time Traveler's Wife. It was cute. I read the book, and although the book was confusing, I think the movie made more sense having already understood the plot. The second time, I saw Julie and Julia. It was captivating and it made me want to cook something. Did I tell you that I made naan last week? I did. It was good. I took pictures, but I'm not sure about the location of my camera, and even if I was, I'm much too lazy to actually get the pictures off of it.
I watched The Prestige on Saturday, and the whole time I was thinking about storytelling. The movie tells it all very interestingly, so that you don't really understand what's happened until the end. It's given me a lot of concepts that should be applied to my NaNo, but that depends on which plot I use. Really, I should find a way to work them into my current story, but... when we edit. Because I will finish the beast, and then I will edit it, and then it will be lovely.
Registration is tomorrow, and the very thought of it makes me sick. I really don't want to go back to school this year.

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LittleTree said...

I am so glad that school is starting again, it was nice to see you the other day. Have fun . . .