Monday, August 17, 2009


I just had this idea for a wildly interesting thing. What if you wrote something and could have a bunch of famous writers (some of whom are dead) read and critique it? There could be some sort of computer program where you could tell it to review your work the same way Ibsen would, or Poe, or Milton, or anybody.
Yeah, I'm actually awake at 7 am without anywhere to be. I'm worried too.

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Aaron said...

You'd need to simulate a human brain to do this, and we don't even understand the brain yet. Simulation will probably be possible in a few decades, but how would you get specifically the author's brain into the program? It would only be possible with living authors or those very recently (within 4 minutes) dead, if there ever is a way to record all the information about a brain (zettabytes of data) and put that into a program.