Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I just need to vent

I'm not good with people. Recent involvement in the group is the closest I've come to making friends in a long time. I was planning on sleeping over at my friend's house tonight with some other people, and we were going to watch the meteor shower. And it was going to be really awesome.
I get home this evening and ask my parents if I can go. I've slept over at this friend's house before, with their knowledge. They say no. I eventually persuade them to let me go, but they want to go and meet all my friends and make sure that there's other girls there. No one else's parents have ever done this. They say that I could have people over here, as long as we're quiet, and we have to have a chaperone if there are boys here. Yeah, we can have a sleepover, as long as we don't do anything and have my parents watching. That sounds like a fucking blast, doesn't it?
My mom is even staying downstairs and reading. Of course, she would normally be in bed by now, and I'm sure it's just a conincidence that she's down here and I want to go somewhere. I wonder if she thinks I'm going to sneak out or something?
I've never snuck out. I've never had alcohol without their knowlege. I've never had sex (hey internets! I'm just going to let the entire world know that I'm a virgin. There.). I've never smoked anything. I don't even know where to get drugs if I wanted them. I've never done anything to make them not trust me, but they want to meet everyone who's going to a sleepover before I'm allowed to stay.
This is why some people coughmiltoncough don't really have relationships with their parents.

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alwayskatharine said...

I've totally told the internet I've never been kissed before. It's a lot of fun (actually, it was kind of nice, because several people chimed in that they hadn't either).

Sometimes parents are weird. :/ But, you know, I guess they mean well.

Andrea said...

That sucks. Parents suck.

I saw 8 meteors!

But Sourik saw like 89... I'm jealous.

Bianka Rose said...

...And I don't really know what else to say.