Wednesday, March 18, 2009

School is a Scary Place

Real life is scary. It's a really disturbing idea that one day, I'm going to have to be something like an adult. We're doing career planning at school right now, and that's the reasoning behind some of this freaking out. Career planning is basically telling us the horrifying statistics of how we're going to be unemployed, how our careers don't exist yet, how India is going to pwn us, how we have to plan NOW, how college is so hard to get into. It's crazy.
I'm pretty sure that they know that we don't think it's as big of a deal as they make it seem. That's why they exaggerate everything, to freak us out and make us think that this is a serious issue. Someone needs to let them know that I see right through them, and I'm not worried enough.
Dear School,
Fail. I win. Hah.
Your friend Samantha

I have this feeling that I will either be this wildly awesome sucessful adult, or I'll be living with my parents when I'm 35.

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Bianka said...

oh gosh, i know what you mean. except all that exaggeration that they use to scare kids work for me. it's horrible. like i'm afraid of the future because they tell me how hard it is. the one concept about the future that i have trouble with is that it never stops. the need to work and constantly be working never stops. you get through college and everyone thinks, "yea I'm done!" but no. it's just the beginning of like 50 years of working for some company or whatever kind of career you have. to me, retirement is the ultimate goal. it's like the paradise on earth because you don't have any work. but then you have health problems and you begin to need someone to help you with vacuuming and cooking and just little things. so then it's like, maybe retirement really isn't that great. and then you just realize-life pretty much sucks. it's rather circular knowledge.

Samantha said...

Somebody's grouchy.

Bianka Rose said...

not grouchy. i just was thinking a lot yesterday b/c i was bored and it all just hit me.
oh and p.s. I think you should write that letter to the school.

Aeromax said...


I wonder if anyone gives a crap about permanent records. Mine hasn't been mentioned in quite some time. Hell, they might not even exist, it might have been something to scare everyone. Now that I think about it, the whole idea is ridiculous.