Friday, March 27, 2009


Only, you know, not.
I have a story. We all have stories, but mine is the one that's getting told right now. You want to hear it. I can tell.
After school today, I had a Teen Advisory Board meeting at the library. I walk over there and do library things, like discuss the summer reading program. I grew up on the summer reading program. Feel guilty for not having gone to the last few meetings.
Call mom to come pick me up. While I wait, I plan for what I'm going to do when I get home. I was feeling unnaturally motivated. I knew that I had to do these two formative assements in a week or two for Bio, then write a paper for Euro, then write a letter to my senator (who kind of creeps me out) for Civics. I was planning to do the Bio and Civics right when I got home, then do the Euro tomorrow. I would finish my all homework before Sunday night/ Monday morning. I would be responsible.
I get home and go on the computer to look at the articles that the Bio test is on. I take notes on them. Me, taking notes for science. Clearly, I was trying to do well or something. I feel that I've read them enough and then go to take the quiz. I complete it, thinking I did pretty well. With the quiz program we use, it takes a few seconds, then shows you the questions you got wrong. It didn't do that this time, just closed the window. I go back on to check my score, and I got a 14. Out of 20.
What the fuck? I know genetics, I read the articles, I took notes, I was awake when I took the quiz. There were a couple questions that were not in the articles we read (for instance, one about ovulation. The articles had nothing to do with ovulation. Maybe the teacher just thought we would find it interesting? No. Not funny.) and since the window closed, I have no way to see which questions I got wrong.
Thank you, world. Thank you for rewarding my planning and motivation. Just because of that, I think I'll go off and read all evening or something, instead of working.

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