Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Rant Comes in Four Parts

Four parts! Exciting, right?

Part One
I need this all to stop. I don't have a plan for my future, and I don't really want to have a plan for my future. When other people go on and on about what they want to do if they grow up in a serious way, that freaks me out. I'm scared shitless. I'm scared of being horrifically boring. I'm scared of being normal. I feel like I don't want the same things that they want out of life, but I don't know what I want out of life, so I might end up wanting what they want just by default.

Part Two
Nationalism, Germany being stupid, and general tension. Those things started WWI. I think nationalism and tension were the sort of thing that you'd have to go back 200 years to change, but Germany being stupid was completly preventable. It seems like germany really needs a war going on if they want any sort of unity . It's Wagner, the German unification after the Franco-Prussian war, it's just the German mindset at the time.
Germany, why do you have to be such idiots?
Would I be saying something else if I wasn't part German?
Is Euro invading my mind?

Part Three
That story. Yeah, that one. It isn't working. I have ideas, but they're all just stuck in my head, bouncing around and making me crazy. I'll write tonight. I say that every night, but maybe it will actually happen since I've put it in writing and let the world know.

Part Four
Jello is the official state snack of Utah. I am serious. I laughed about this for half an hour last night while eating jello. Maybe I just really wanted to laugh about something?

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Luna Moon said...

You are not horrifically boring or normal.

You are spectacularly Samantha. You're one of the greenest people I know, and definitely and fizz and spark and all that shit (it's good shit though).

You Samantha, will never be normal. And as for those career plans everyone else has? They're having some doubts too. (like me)

P.S. That jello thing is funny

Andrea said...

Jell-o! I wonder if we need to move the Santa Cult headquarters to Utah. I'm going to go eat some Jell-o now.

PA and MA both claim that chocolate chip cookies are the official state cookie. Michigan isn't even on the list.

Samantha said...

That is because Michigan has no offical state food. We should write to our congressmen.

AssassinsCall said...

I want to clear Bismarck's name...he was actually successful at foreign policy while Wilhelm II was less than successful at it. Had Wilhelm II not overthrown Bismarck World War I would have been prolonged and maybe Germany wouldn't have been the "bad guys."

I like blue Jello

Bianka said...

that's funny that you wrote that part about jell-o because green jell-o is a major Mormon inside joke thing because it's like the official Mormon stack (green jell-o plus scalloped potatoes, don't ask why.) so i guess in a way, it makes sense that jell-o is the state snack of utah because over 60% of utah is Mormon.

Andrea said...

We should. "Dear Congreeman; we do not have an official state food. This is a problem. It's already too late to get something good, chocolate chip cookies are taken (twice!) as is Jell-o (the source of life). I am very angry. We need a state food. It is your job to make Michigan not suck so much. We're practically not a state without a representative food. Do something!"

Aeromax said...


Bianka said...

andrea: you realize you said "Congreeman" right?? hahahahahahhahahaaa. SAMANTHA: ******* e-mailed me. it's weirding me out....i bet you've caught since i posted that on my blog as well.

Samantha said...

Bianka, did you just use a swear word? About me?

Bianka said...

haahahaa. no. i put seven atericks, one for each letter of spencer's name. i don't swear. just in case you didn't know that...