Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have no homework today and I'm going on a field trip tomorrow (DIA FTW), so I could be writing or reading or doing something that has nothing to do with school. Instead, I will write about AP Euro. That is what we do.
I signed up for AP Euro thinking that it would be about European history. It would be fun, because I like history. It doesn't really have to do with history. Sure, you talk about imperialism and whatever, but the real thing you're going to remember about that class will be the inside jokes. Well, the jokes and the primary documents.
The Italians wanted to get some too? Yep. Machevellian anything? Someone had a facebook status that involved that. China is big and yellow. Utopian socialists were undoubtedly the coolest political party ever. Not because I was a member, but because they liked order and actually had plans for it.
It just seems like no matter where you go, some random joke from Euro comes up, and that's scary.
My brain: 15% Euro, 40% Debate or Quizbowl, depending on the season, 20% Interior Design, 20% Blogging, 5% the rest of school.

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Aeromax said...

Wait a minute. 15+40+20+20+5=100...

Where do you keep your name?

Or do you just keep it written on the back of your hand, like me?

Samantha said...

It's on both sides of my hand. Works better that way.

Andrea said...

I think there is a significant amount of space in your head devoted to ninjas. It might be in an annex... Like a separate part of you specifically designed for ninjas.

Samantha said...

My heart is devoted to ninjas.