Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm sure you were curious

Weren't you?
Laptop Knitter and I are blog buddies, so we decided to do a meme-like thing together. You have to write ten things about you, so here goes.
1.Most of the ideas for garments that I have come to me when I'm doing other things. Like during Geometry (I love Geometry, I really do.)
2.I really hate wearing shorts to school. Someone invariably points out that my legs are purple. Dude, I know. The exception to this is dance class. This is because the dance people are really cool and wouldn't point that out.
3.My mother says that I look like the kind of kid who "Goes home and hits the books."
4.I get really scared when I talk to people who aren't politically aware. Sort of a fear for our future thing. Someone asked what a caucus was today. This was someone who really should know. I explained it, don't worry.
5.As evidenced by number four, I really like politics. My newest love? Ill Doctrine. Stop giggling.
6.I am currently on hiatus from the super secret project. It's just pissing me off.
7.I've been abnormally tired lately. It's probably because of all the stupid plants. Samurai Knitter would say that it was all the stupid fucking plants fucking each other like the fucktards that they are.
8.I'm going to my school's poetry slam tonight.
9.I've never liked writing poetry. I don't have a problem with listening to it.
10.I dream of getting published and moving to some fabulous city far far away. All I know is that I can't live here forever. Or a minute past graduation.

3 Fab Fans:

Miss Hannah said...

Love no.4 - what gets me is people not researching how their chosen party actually means what they put in their party plan. Everyone promises to cut taxes and improve healthcare - how do this group plan to do it, and who's gonna get shafted as a result?

Who would you vote for? Democrat or Repulican?

Samantha said...

Obama. I would vote for hillary over mccain in a general election without obam though. Mccain scares the shit out of me.

Zoopsia said...

i concur with your side of the matter sammy. it's tragic.