Monday, February 28, 2011

So umm...

I was just walking into the Finance room, and Mr. Finance was opening the door, and I said "Good morning" and then I realized that it was 11:58, then I said "Good afternoon", except I said it louder and he was turned away from me and it was like I was yelling at him.

So that was awkward.

I've had something that I've wanted to blog about for days now, but whenever I sit down at the computer, the thought escapes me.

So that was cool.

This and this both caught my fancy today. I thought you would like to know. Don't forget the forever funny Unhappy Hipsters.

We have no school tomorrow. I plan on staying up late and drawing tonight. Party on. I should have a huge graphite self portrait by tomorrow.

I just realized that there's a strange substance on the shirt that I've been wearing all day. Way to tell me, guys. And there's a strange whirring machine outside my bedroom.

So that's cool.

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