Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reality is out there.

But it should probably stay out there.
They say "Porcelin birds". All I hear is "KURT HUMMEL WARBLERS". Um...Yeah. And Tina finally has a solo...but it was tragic. And when Blaine says that the guy he likes is an assistant manager at Gap? All I could think was "Great, 'cause it's for Cho Chang!" D. Criss, you will forever be Harry freekin' Potter. Twenty years from now, you'll be getting an Oscar, and I'll be sitting on the couch in my pyjamas and crying/screaming about this. And...PINK GLASSES.
That is all.
I'm starting to feel like no one wants me to talk about Glee all the time. But if I don't talk about Glee, then I'll just talk about Harry Potter, and no one wants to hear my insane theories and fanfiction plans for that either.
Maybe I should go back to the real world...

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