Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On living

It's a little bit about living. And other stuff.
First off, I would like to tell you all that I am turning into my mother. Case in point: I've been working out lately, and I was thinking of making a list of every time I've gone to the gym and how far I run, how long I swim, my weight, etc. And then I asked myself "Why not just make an excel spreadsheet?"
My mom makes spreadsheets for everything. There's a grocery shopping spreadsheet. There's a college spreadsheet. There's a chore spreadsheet. My mother lives off of spreadsheets. And so, probably because I feel inadaquate because of my inability to find the proper way to print something earlier, I will be spreadsheeting it up.
That sounds so awkward.
Also, Ferris State gave me an email address. No, I will not be telling you what it is. No, I do not actually know how to check it. Yes, I will be hopping in my DeLorean and joining Facebook in 2004. I am awesome.
I finally submitted my camp application today. Fingers crossed on that one. Ahh, I want this job so much ahhh ahhh ahhh.
I've written five (or six?) novels, and this is how I express emotion. Yay for writing skills.
There was a short story that I wrote a while back that I plan on submitting to a contest that I've found on the internet. Go ahead, judge all you want.
Anyway, onto the important stuff: GLEE.
This was me.

Superbowl episode! Yay! I was going to watch it at someone else's house, but then my friend needed to get home earlier and I drove him, so we had to leave. I got home in 26 minutes. The drive is supposed to take 38ish minutes. Clearly, there was a break in the time-space continuium. Anyway, I got home and raced to the tv, turning it on at/slightly before the point when Finn asks Karofsky why he never has a girlfriend and is such a homophobe. Greatness. Today I've downloaded the episode and found that this point is three minutes in. No loss there. I will be giving you my summary of the episode now. Be amazed.
Eh, football. Boring boring boring. Not playing as a team. It's Feburary and Ohio and sunny? Cool. They never sang a Ke$ha song. Karofsky, you are a jerk. Always a jerk. And Sue Sylvester? You are responsible for 3/4 of the funniness of this show. Nice tattoo. I too, take my inspirations from old cartoons. It would be better if that was a joke. I love how Beckey has become Sue's little minion. Poor Artie! That wasn't even a plot point. What's wrong with you guys? Tragic. Bieste is a great character. Football players in the choir room, this is a reciepe for crazy. And I love how they discuss Karofsky's bullying right in front of him. I smell someone getting a bigger storyline. Random Rachel/Puck song? Sure. Because we're all soooo obsessed with Lea. And I love how you sing with Puck to your ex-boyfriend to get him back when you cheated with Puck. The one football player has fantastic hair. Just sayin'. Is it just me, or was there a bald spot in the mohawk? Writers: we get it. The game matters to the football players. Woohoo. La de frickin' da. Puck still likes Rachel. Sueclear weapon? YES. Scared Brittany is...strange. I don't want to die until after Glee gets canceled. It's understandable that you have a devotion to One Tree Hill. Figgins? You are always fantastic. Will? Just go away. No one likes you. Sue, why are you not singing something angry while tearing the school apart? This could be so much better. Aww snap. Drama. Thriller! Woohoo! Musical numbers will reduce fighting. Stop the violence. Is Mike wearing the traveling hoodie? Sure looks like it. Will/Karofsky conversation? This looks like an intervention. I am so glad that the choir room suddenly has makeup stuff and they are actually getting ready for something. This is unprecedented. Karofsky, is your warmup "Born This Way"? ZOMBIE DOUBLE RAINBOW. Brittany has better writing than usual. Sue! Quinn, why do you care? This fight reminds me of the Santana/Quinn fight...so much. Why does no one comment on the plastic surgery? Or the baby? Musical number is kind of eh. I kind of like the idea of Karofsky in ND. And there's a hockey team. rotflol....Gay comment? Number two. Someone wants us to know that he's gay. Stages of loserdom? Nice. Random cut to Dalton and Bills, Bills, Bills? I love how Blaine is the focus of everything there. And remember how Will said that they couldn't move? Hmm...I wonder what Warblers he's talking about. Clearly not these ones, who randomly do flips while singing in a circle. Not sure how that translates onto a stage, but whatever. I want more Kurt screentime. Please? Showchoir is vicious. I love that Kurt does the warm milk ladychat thing. It's hilarious. Someone is desperate to be with Finn again, RACHEL. "Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves." In my recollection, he said "We love football" and my Klaine shipper heart soared. Rachel can be the tiniest football player ever. Being tackled hurts. But Lauren? SO AMAZING. SHE WILL BRING THE PAIN. Sue? So manipulative. Baby twin cannons....because the writers must make Brittany into a total idiot. Really? WHY? That shot of the audience? Released months ago. Rachel looks insane walking out onto the field. Gold stars on the helmet! TINA TINA TINA TINA. When Tina does something, it's awesome. This is why she needs to do stuff more often. Finn, you are insane. And always the center of attention. Puck is my inspirational speaker. I heart him. Halftime? Totally better than halftime at the superbowl. And Rachel is channeling Idina Menzel so much. Why didn't they do this at Halloween? Yay team togetherness! I would wear any of those dresses. Fantastic. SLOOOOOWWW MOOOOOTIONNNNNNNNN. Annnd, cut to Katie Couric. Or Barbra Walters. Or Diane Sawyer. Sue, you're not a loser. You're a hilarious loser. I just want you to know how I feel. I want to feel something too. Cheerio's budget to Glee Club? That would explain how they can afford new costumes every five seconds. Karofsky, JOIN GLEE JOIN GLEE GO TO DALTON JOIN GLEE GO TO DALTON JOIN GLEE! Why do you fluctuate between being a total jerk and being a semi-decent person? Why be like that? Annnnnnd, Finn and Quinn are back together. We all knew they were endgame. I can't help but feel like she has alterior motives. Sam? Well...the fandom seems to say that he's gay. And that he used to go to Dalton. And that he and Blaine were together. And that the guy who works at Gap is thoroughly freaked out by the Warblers.

Also, the Chevy commercial was fantastic. I need more song and dance on commercials. Forever. It felt very classic. And I like Sam's hair. No more Bieber for you. Also, I saw the third Chevy Volt of my life on Sunday morning. It made my day a little more complete. I am a freak. Other great commercial?

I live in metro Detroit. Maybe I'm biased.
During Sociology, we had a bit of spare time. I ranked my ships. People were amused. Number one is Kurt/Happiness. I love happy Kurt more than anything on that show. Number two is Klaine, obviously. Number three is Lauren/Puck. I have no idea what this ship name is, but it's fantastic. The seven minutes in heaven/she rocked my world comment from sectionals? That rocked my world. Number four is Finn/Quinn. They are number four*. Number five is Tina/Mike, aka The Asian Situation. I like them, they just need more storyline. Number six is Rachel/Forever Alone. Yep. True. I think she doesn't belong with anyone else. I'm looking for the same driven, pain in the butt that we remember from season one. Number seven is Bartie. Yep, they're cute. I'm not hating Brittany as much as I used to. Number eight is Santana/Alone. It's for her own good. Not forever, just so that she can kind of exist as her own person for once. Number nine is Mercedes/Artie/Mike/Tina/MORE STORY. Seriously, Mercedes, Artie, and Tina were in the origional group. It's not all about Rachel and Finn and Quinn and Sam and (I hate to say this) Kurt. There are other people here, and they need attention. Hello, writers! Number ten is Brittana. I'm not that into it, but I think it would be interesting to see happen.
I guess this didn't have very much to do with living. It was all about Glee. Look at your life, look at your choices.
*That was a terrible joke. I'm sorry.

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