Sunday, February 6, 2011

A real blog post

What is real, anyway? Is real something you can touch? Is real something that can hold you? Is real something that you've made and been proud of?
Pondering, pondering, pondering.
Starting to think that repetition, repetition, repetition is a big part of my writing style, style, style.
But not, you know, that big of a part. Smaller than commas, probably. Not that I have a comma abuse problem.
I saw Sunset Boulevard yesterday and it was AMAZING and Norma's eyes were terrifying and Max is my favourite character. Yep.
And I saw Black Swan on Friday and I was like "AH AH AH" and it was good. The whole skin thing was sort of distracting. I didn't understand what was happening with that until the end, so the whole time when I was watching it, I was like "DUDE WTH IS HAPPENING WITH YOUR SKIN!?!?!" and it was...odd.
I speak in capslock. Don't judge me.
Anyway, I'm going to my youth group's superbowl party with my boyfriend, but he's never met them and I'm afraid some sort of crazy judgy thing is going to go down. But it probably won't.
I am turning into a fourteen year old girl who is very excited to have Glee come back on tonight and is considering writing the next Dalton. Because...that fanfic has it's own fandom. It's strange, really. Strange and amazing.
That reminds me of what I meant to blog about! Yay! Superstars: Why?
That was a deep title. Anyway, I was thinking about superstars and why it seems like so much popularity is concentrated in a small number of people. That doesn't seem like it's a good thing, does it? Is that the definition of being successful, being able to take possible popularity/wealth away from the lesser? We're sort of applying a rich get richer and poor get poorer type thing. Like social darwinism. It always comes back to social darwinism in the end.

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Bianka Rose said...

As long as you post it on your blog, it's a real blog post.

The whole popularity concentration seems like the situation of wealth in America. ...And that's all I had to say. Yes, I'm very deep and thought provoking.

Samantha said...

Is that an okay thing?