Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"It was the imperial dream of a feudal age that made men enslave others."

That's from Native Son. Page 389.

Today's post is a list. I'm Samantha, and I think in lists. We talked about lists in health today and about ho they help me manage stress. Also, Mrs.Health teacher asked me if hi!School had gone by so fast and my answer was a resounding no. And no, the past three years were not the best years of my life either, because that would be sad and pathetic.
On with the list.
1. I think some grumpy old man called me a bitch today because I had the audacity to turn left at a four way stop. He was driving a black Chevy (impala?).
2. Peter brought gummy bears to quizbowl today. As always, I was cautious when taking food from Peter* but these gummy bears were mostly normal. A little bit less waxy and tasting more like actual fruit than regular gummy bears, but still good.
3. We spent half of quizbowl studying art today, but...there were so many things they just...didn't know.
4. The network went down at school today, and everything went crazy. It felt like what going to school 20 years ago felt like, but with elmos instead of overhead projectors.
5. Water-based markers of vellum!?!? Crazymaking.
*Remember the rice wine? That was gross and tasted like rubbing alcohol.

2 Fab Fans:

Samantha said...

Also, my brother and I are wearing matchy clothes today...but his jeans are tighter.

Bianka Rose said...

Of course Justin's jeans are tighter.
No one knew any art?! I don't know who to be disappointed in--Spencer, Emily, or myself.
And yeah--I would have to agree that high school has not go by fast.