Monday, October 18, 2010

This is Ramblypants time

I do love my ramblypants.
Harry Potter. Someone told me today that Harry Potter will never be just a book for me, that I can never read it without my preconcieved views about it and my larger than reality ideas of Harry's world. First, my inner Drarry fangirl says this.
They're totally right. My first impressions were nothing. I was eight. I needed something bigger than me to be a part of, and Harry was it. Harry was there for me when I needed him. I reread the books so much, because if you're having a shit day (or a shit year, in some cases) Harry Potter makes it better. That says something about a creation, if it goes on to create more and more things and becomes so much more than the original. Think of the Bible. It's a book. No big deal. Would you say that the Bible represents a lot more than a book for some people? I think it does. It's inspired art, it's made it into an awful lot of literary references, and there's a lot of people who care about it. Let's just face it...there's a lot more Harry Potter fanfiction than for the Bible. Annnd, I would love to be in this room. So. Much. Even though HBC has wayyyy too much hair. I have a lot of hair, but no amount of product and curling could make it look half the size of that. Attention hair sylist: We may spend a lot of time on the internet, but we can tell when somone's hair looks completly impossible.School...Gov isn't going well. Lit's going well, I'll have to see how I do on this big epic scary essay that's due tomorrow. Health made me get a little teary-eyed today, but I pulled it together. Gym was good, mostly because I didn't have to sweat. IR was good until I went to the bathroom and people stole my spot so that they could be gross and couple-y while I sat on the floor and noticed a weird pang in my ribs. French was...a tad ridiculous. Moreso than usual. We walked around the room and waved our hands in the air. True story.
I need to start going outside more when the weather is nice. Tomorrow, after quizbowl (assuming it's not raining) I will be going on a bike ride. Fo' Sho'.
This is for you if you think it's for you..."I mean, to be honest, I’ve never even really understood the war between nerds and popular people. Like, who do…who do…who do you guys got? ‘Umm…we’ve got George W. Bush and, like, Tom Brady.’ Oh, okay. Well, I see your George W. Bush with Bill Clinton, and I raise you an Abraham Lincoln and a Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And, I can easily see your Tom Brady with the thinking man’s football player, Tiki Barber, and I think I can raise you, hmmm, an Isaac Newton, a William Shakespeare, a Blaise Pascal, an Albert Einstein, an Immanuel Kant, an Aristotle, a Jane Austen, a Bill Gates, a Mahatma Ghandi, a Nelson Mandela, and all four Beatles. We win." John Green, of course.
Umm...I haven't gone runnning in a week...and maybe a half. Yay fitness.
Umm...Art is killing me right now. We are artists, we create your world and we destroy it and we love to do so because we want you to ask the tough questions.
Wednesday is wear pink against bullying day, or if you're the kind of person who can say "gay" in public, it's wear purple in honor of those who've comitted suicide day. I will be wearing purple. Apparently it would be too political for my school to say "Don't bully people because they're gay." So they're sayng it's alright to bully people because they're gay? I'm confused. Anyway, the city where I live isn't the most...accepting and open-minded place in the world, but it could be a lot worse.
NaNo ideas are coming along nicely. Being misunderstood and failing at relationships because of it? Yayyy! Having minor characters and sub-plotzzz (finally!) for added depth? Yay!
This is a jazzhands opportunity.

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