Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear Universe

So...erm...someone messed with my blogger dashboard....erm...what's happening there?
Today kinda sucked. Someone took the time to tell me that I looked disheveled* during first block. My shoes were untied and I had gotten out of bed less than 20 minutes before. Big deal. It's first block. First block is as close to my natural state as most people will ever see me in at school. In nature, lives are nasty, brutish, short, and pantsless. Honey, you're lucky that you did not see my pale, purple-tinged legs today.
You know who does get to see my pale, purple legs every single day? My gym class. Sexy, right? I've been studying during gym. It's taken my mind off of the constant emotional pain that I feel.
Umm...And then I felt rather angsty and full of self-hatred** and then I talked to Emaline and felt better because I have something to challenge my health teacher about tomorrow/today. Also, I don't need health. I have Henrik Ibsen.

*If I was one of those women who look put together (you know what I mean), would I look sheveled? Is there an opposite of disheveled?
**Feeling this with alarming frequency. Need it to go away. RIGHT NOW.

2 Fab Fans:

Luna Moon said...

Samantha, I live for you and your purple tinged legs...etc.

But really, gym is much better with you in it.

Bianka Rose said...

What do you have first block?
Also, I think you should make some magic balls. They're a panacea, so they'd work wonders for your angstyness.