Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'd just like to point out

That it's tententententen. And I'm so close to finishing this stupid drawing, you have no idea.

I'm thinking about professionalism and people who tragically misunderstand each other (Paper Heart) and supervillans who care about each other and art made of duct tape (DUCT TAPE!!!!) and strangely magnificant paper shapes and words in the sky and novels that are all part of the same story happening at different times.
Mental overload, just a little bit.
But I'm excited.
You want all those ideas mapped out, even if it makes for a less graceful and amazing blog post? You bet you do.
1. Professionalism. When do you become professional? Is it when you make money from something? Is it when you make a living from something? Is it when you go to college for something?
2. Paper Heart. That's the novella project, that's the NoQuNaNo, and that's the title that I just pulled out of thin air. Check it out, yo. Read it. Next summer. Tell your kids, tell your wife, and tell your husband.
3.The summer novel...Supervillans. There's four. The novel has pacing, yo.
*4. Duct tape. It looked like a painting. And then I went closer and it looked like cut out paper. And then I went closer and holy cow is that duct tape? It was ahamazing.
*5. Sculptural paper shapes. Sitting on the floor. It was awesome. They were folded paper, but they looked like they were magic.
6. Words. In the sky. This should happen in a movie.
7. A series of novels where different people tell different parts of the same story. Just thought of it today. May unseat the supervillans as the summer project. Is amazing, no?
*AAAAAAAAArtprize! I went there yesterday! It was awesome! It was mind-stretching! Yay!

2 Fab Fans:

Bianka Rose said...

I am excited to edit Paper Heart.
Duct tape=awesome.
I would say something about professionalism, but I seemed to have failed you in that field. I apologize.

Samantha said...

You should be. Because it is ahamazing. And it's a novella, so you could totally read it in one sitting.
It was like layers of duct tape, cut to reveal the ones below. And it was like...12 feet wide and maybe four feet high. Amazing.
It's totally not that big of a deal. Fo'realz.