Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cracken of the Sea

So. My life is just being sort of nutty right now. This post will probably reflect that.

  • Essays make me feel...Strangely alive. I had an essay to write for APUSH last night, and while I put it off, the whole thing made me kind of happy.
  • The above is disturbing.
  • I spent all of Art class today talking to Mr. B. Or rather, listening to him talk about me. Because parent-teacher conferences were last night, and my mom asked all my teachers (except physics and APUSH, probably) what carrears they thought I could have in their subject. Mr. B is basically thinking that I should do something that combines history and art and French. Like curating. At an art museaum. Probably the Louvre.
  • But just sitting in the Louvre all day would proably make me really happy.
  • Quiz Bowl, on the other hand, is not going well. At all. Mr. B (different person) thinks up a new way to study things every six months. The problem is, none of these ideas ever get followed long enough to see how they would actually work out, so we have these stunted studying plans. It's just messed up.
  • I got a 93 on my APUSH test. I feel bad about this. That is wrong.
  • My physics teacher told my mom that he expected me to do better in the class than I was doing. Because from my general demeanor, it seems like I should be doing better. Are you remembering what I'm remembering? Because this is too much like first semester of last year, when my English class was terrible. Just terrible. And apparently I seemed like I should have been able to do so much better and it scares me that physics might end up like that.
  • If physics turns into something that's too much like english was, I will probably explode.

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Aeromax said...

The title of this post excited me, but I was disappointed to see no mention of cephalopods within its text. I modestly propose an increased focus on squids in the future of this blog, because they're really quite swell.

Obligatory mollusk references aside, essays are a great deal better (for the writer and the reader) when made out of a genuine desire to convey an idea, rather than assigned writing, which tends to wander aimlessly in search of a message. But if you enjoyed writing it, there was likely something being said, which means it was good for everyone involved.

LittleTree said...

Nano is so soon, I know you are going to have a great month . . . Do your best and have fun in school and it will be all good . . . Peace