Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shiny, That One Is

You know that idea? The one I had with the story every Sunday for a year thing?
It's happening. It's exciting and amazing and it's going to be awesome. And, I need one of you, my lovely readers. I need a volunteer. What do I need this volunteer to do, you wonder? I need an editor. I need someone who can read a story and say "Samantha, that character is a dumbass, and you need to learn how to spell "seriously". The story is tragic."
What would my volunteer get in reward? Well, I would teach them how to bottle fame and brew glory. They would gain my eternal love and adoration. They would get free hugs. They would get thanks in my Oscar speech. I would teach them the ways of the froomla. They would be internationally known as my protege. They would get to make cakes with me for the birthdays of dead playwrights who had amazing beards. They would learn how to say "beard" in French. They would get to listen to me rant about everything and anything.
These are rewards that money cannot buy, my dear readers. If you'd like to gain these sorts of rewards, you really should say so in the comments, and I would be eternally grateful.

7 Fab Fans:

Aaron said...

YES! To rip and tear at a work until it's perfect is one of my favorite pastimes.

Also, you should have capitalized Froomla, and you should switch the order of "should" and "really" in your last sentence. There isn't really a plot in this post to review, so you're fine there.

Bianka Rose said...

I reallyreallyreally want to be known as your protege while saying "beard" in French, which I learned from you. But it seriously sounds like fun.

LittleTree said...

I will always say . . . "Froomla taught me how to blog" . . . Peace

Samantha said...

Yay! Okay, Little Tree and Aaron, I need your email adresses so I can send you things. I'm entering this contest thing, so that's going to be the first thing I send you.
Il est barbu- he is bearded
Il a une barbe-he has a beard
Beard is feminine, which I think is kind of funny. And with that you can branch out even more, like je ne suis pas barbu- I am not bearded.
This is already getting really exciting for you, I can tell.

Aeromax said...

My criticism tends to be vicious. It gouges and slashes until there is nothing left. Sometimes a bit longer.

However, restraint is a beautiful thing when exercised correctly. I will volunteer my services.

theflameysnake [at] yahoo [dot] com

Aaron said...

I gave you my address, but I've yet to receive anything, so here it is again:

Samantha said...

That is because I have not, you know, sent anything. But I should be sending something soon, as I have three stories in the works.