Sunday, October 11, 2009

You. Yes. You.

I've been toying with this question for a while now. How do you react to what I write? I get some of it in the comments, but what I'm really curious about is more than that. I want to know what would happen if I asked every single person I know to read my blog and then saw their reactions. I don't want their feedback, because feedback is self-censored and boring. I want their honest reaction, what they really thought about it. I know this is completely impossible to do, but it would be the most interesting thing ever.
What would my brother's reaction be? He would think that I'm concerned with ridiculously dumb things, which is similar to my opinion of him.
What would John Green's reaction be? If John Green read my blog, I would die of excitement. So, if you are John Green and you are reading my blog, please tell me.
What would the people who came here looking for Henrik Ibsen and Gustavus Adolphus' last words think? They would be wondering how I found these last words and when I'm going to tell them. In time, in time.
What would Chris Baty think? He would wonder if this is what all NaNo participants are like.
What would Barack Obama think? He would think that, even if he wasn't really expecting the Nobel Peace Prize, it doesn't mean that the country is falling apart.
What would my teachers' reaction be? Some would think it's interesting, some would think I'm twisted coughdreskecough and need to get a job to occupy my mind. Except that I have a job. And my mind hasn't changed in terms of twistedness.
What would those people who write 300,000 word novels in a month think? They would point to this as why I have to put so much effort into writing a 50,000 word novel in a month. Because blogging can be a timesuck. But a fun timesuck, at any rate.
Did I write this blog post because I don't want to do my physics homework and am at a loss for what to write in my speech for debate? Yes. Go ahead, judge. Have I also been trying to make my characters for NaNo a little more 3 dimensional? Yes.
If you've read the same books I've read, you'd get the reference in this post's title. If not, that's okay. You probably read some perfectly fine books in their place.

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Aeromax said...

It depends, as does everything; sometimes your writing puts me at ease, sometimes it brings out my curiosity, sometimes it brings up questions I'd never think to ask myself. Sometimes, for a moment, I feel as if I've missed catching a glimpse of something I really would have liked to see.

But isn't that what we strive to fix through writing?

Samantha said...

That may not have been intended as praise, but it was beyond any I have heard before.

Aaron said...

Sometimes it's completely irrelevant to me, and sometimes it's like I wrote it under your name using your style. Sometimes I change what my next post is about because you already did something similar. Sometimes your posts give me ideas by sparking a train of thought. I got my drug-producing suicidal E. coli idea after your October 5th "...OR SOMETHING" post.

Bianka Rose said...

I feel like I see two sides of Samantha: and one of them is her blog side. The blog side raises excellent questions and makes me feel depressed about my own lacking blog skills. But I like your blog-it's interesting, entertaining, and at some times very deep. I feel like Aerosmith, that I've missed catching a glimpse of something I would have liked to see or should have thought about.
(I think Dreske would actually like you blog, just because that's how she is.)

Samantha said...

I feel rally important or something. I honestly wasn't looking for this kind of response, but this is really exciting. Aaron, I'm actually stealing the idas out of your head before you blog about them. I'm sorry about that. I'll try to avoid it next time. And I think it's pretty amazing that you got an idea about drug producing e coli from that post.
Bianka, your blog is awesome. And you're saving my life, so nothing else matters. Life saving!
A question for aeromax and bianka: What is this thng that you get a glimpse of that you'd like to see more of?

LittleTree said...

Honest searching, and great questions . . . and so much more . . . Peace