Sunday, October 25, 2009

Je me parle

So. It's been a week since you posted.
I know. Sad, right?
Well, I have excuses. I was busy. I took the ACT. And I had homework. And I was sick. These things take time.
Uh huh.
And I'm reading David Copperfield. I was telling myself that it was shorter than Anna Karenina, and if I can read that, I can read anything.
Why do you try to do these things?
And then I checked the back of the book.
And it's eighty pages longer than Anna Karenina.
Thanks. I have APUS to do. God, that class just makes me
It frustrates me.
If you took that long to think of it, one would hope that it would be a little more imaginative than that.
Shut up.

2 Fab Fans:

Bianka Rose said...

It's longer than Anna Karenina?!?? Well, it's true. If you can read that book, you can make it through any other one. Obviously I can't. War and Peace is drudgery, too if that makes you feel better.
Sorry about APUSH. And the ACT.
NO FUN. (Unlike AP Euro)

Samantha said...

Euro gave me this expectation that ap classes would be difficult, but enjoyable and interesting.

I was wrong.