Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've found my rantypants!

After freshman/sophomore practice, my friend and I were waiting for our ride. We were reading the senior superlative list and talking to another friend about drama stuff. Someone else who I know who was standing nearby walks up to us just as I say that the plays this year aren't nearly as wildly awesome as they were last year. This other person is sort of telling me that I can't say that, that I should just be thankful that I got a part. They even tell my friend that she wouldn't have had a part if she hadn't gone and whined about it. This pisses me off. Nobody needs to butt in on other people's conversations and tell them what they can and can't say. Nobody got parts because they whined about it. There's no need to be bitter.
A few days ago, I was standing outside my Bio class, waiting for the teacher to come. I was having a conversation with someone, and out of no where, someone else tells me that I'm skinny. What are you supposed to say to that? I don't feel skinny. I don't see skinny when I look in the mirror, and it feels incredibly awkard if someon comments on that. I don't comment on your weight, please don't comment on mine.
One of the bloggers whose blog I read is in a childbirth class. They're not pregnant or anything, they just had to take a class and that was the only one left. They posted this big long rant the other day about how it's wrong to have your baby in a hospital because a doctor will preform a c-section for no reason, and that's bad for your baby. I totally get that argument, but it needs some background. You'd think this person could explain why so many Americans give birth in hospitals, why the default is a doctor, basically how we got this way. Their main argument was that mothers need to bond with their baby right after it's born, and you can't do that with a c-section. That needs more of a health explanation.
I had my Euro final today. I think I did decently, but there's really no way to be sure until the grades are back. When the class had started, I realized that I didn't have my binder and sort of freaked out, thinking that I left it in my Bio classroom. Only after school was over did I realize that I turned my binder in when the teacher told me to. Fail.
I also went to the Euro room for seminar to discuss my writing. I read all the FRQ answers I wrote this year and came to one epic conclusion. I am bad at using and explaining evidence. This is something that I've known for a long time. This is something that debate shows me time and time again. Any ideas on how to make this better?
I need to study for Bio. I've sort of (a lot) been neglecting it in favour of everything else there is to do. And now I must do it. Sob.
We're starting our interior design unit on Monday in Commercial Art. You have no idea how excited I am about this. God, I love interiors. Fabulous website of the day!
I think it's sort of funny how freaked out people are about the swine flu. The way I see it, normal people who really can't do anything about it have no reason to be worried. Since I'm a normal person who can't do anything about it, it's not my problem. This is how I avoid being worried about the majority of world events.
"Be silent always when you doubt your sense." Alexander Pope

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bellacaterina said...

Ooh, I read her blog. italktosnakes, right? I, too, get her argument. I get that bonding right after birth is important, as well... but I also think that many C-sections are necessary, and that as doctors have gone to school for years upon years, we should--usually?--trust them. I dunno. I was born at a hospital, and I wasn't a C-section. I think I've turned out okay.

Samantha said...

Same here. Born in a hospital, turned out decently. I just think that anything that is too far in one direction on an issue ends up being a little bit nutty.

Andrea said...

I think rantypants should be a real word. Like today in Spanish class I said, very loud, "this class had made me stupider." Someone told me stupider is not a word. But I'm pretty sure it is. Anyways. If I ever have a say in anything, I'm making Huppix, betterer and funner official words. Take THAT English teachers of the world!

Samantha said...

I'm pretty sure rantypants is a real word. It has such a nice ring to it, it really deserves the "real word" status.